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2016 Hot Halloween Costume Ideas For Females!

Are you a female college student and don't know what to be for Halloween this year? Take a look at these 10 Trendy Halloween Looks for some inspiration!

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1. Sexy Vampire / Via

Get a black dress and black pumps! Throw on a big, fat, black velvet chocker. Do a deep red lip, black eye liner, and a mix of nude and red eye shadow. Take the red lipstick and make two lines going down from your lip to your chin. Scare the crowd away while looking hot!

2. Victoria Secret Angel / Via

Get a hot pink satin robe (amazon sells this). Put on black or white pumps, and get some angel wings! Curl your hair and do a pink lip! You will look cute and spicy at the same time. All eyes will be on you! A real Victoria Secret Angel!

3. Bambi Snapchat Filter / Via

This look is all about today's makeup trends. Highlight, highlight, highlight! & let's not forget the brows. Really focus on your makeup. Also do a deep brown lip-- Mac's Velvet Teddy will work too! Don't forget to wing your eyeliner! Get white makeup paint from any Halloween store and add the little dots on your face. Get a nude bodycon dress and wear your hair in two bun pony tails! This costume is very original!

4. Sandy From Grease / Via

This costume is for those last minuters. Get a black crop top, black high waisted pants, black booties, curl your hair and add a red lipstick! Nobody will have to know that you threw this costume together in a few minutes! It is very trendy and hot!

5. Wednesday Addams

Alexandra Lakhman

Channel your inner Addams family favorite character! Get a tight black dress and wear a white collared button down underneath! Braid your hair and add a dark lip with black eyeliner! Make sure you use pale foundation. This costume is very different and if put together well is a crowd pleaser!

6. School Girl / Via

This costume is done every year, but very hard to stay away from! Grab a plaid skirt and make a white button down shirt a crop top! Put on some hipster glasses and add a red lip! Don't forget the white thigh-high socks. Put your hair in two pigtails. Be the cutest nerd in town!

7. Britney Spears / Via

Oops I did it again! This costume is also done every year, but very hard to stay away from because it is so dang cute! Get a white button down shirt and tie is as a crop top, get a gray cardigan, a black skirt, knee-high gray socks, and black pumps! Put your hair in two pigtails and add pink pom-poms on the hair tie! Channel your inner Brit by looking super cute!

8. Snapchat Flower Filter/ Sugar Skull / Via

Here we go again with the snapchat filter costume... with a little twist! Make a flower headband (any craft store sells this, or amazon) and really emphasize the makeup! Half of your face will look clean and innocent and the other half will look gory. Look at the image for makeup inspiration. Add large curls to your hair. This is definitely different, but everyone will know that you are emulating that snapchat filter!

9. Little Red Riding Hood / Via

Little Red INNOCENT Riding Hood! Get a tight bodycon black dress, black thigh-highs, black pumps, and a red cape! Add a red lip and you can do your hair however you like. I recommend wearing it down with some curls or if you want to add a more innocent vibe to it-- braid it! This look is HOT, HOT, HOT!

10. Unicorn / Via

This look is SO DIFFERENT and is a little hard, but if done right...looks flawless! Get a rainbow wig and unicorn headband (amazon). Emphasize the highlight and purple/pink lip. Get a white fur dress along with white fur wings! Add some sequins with body glue (or eyelash glue) and be a showstopper!

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