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    Wonders of Woodlawn Cemetery

    New York City’s second largest cemetery -- at just under 400 acres -- was once the site of a Revolutionary War redoubt. Founded in 1863, Woodlawn's first burial --of 28-year-old Phoebe Underhill--took place two years later. Since that time more than 300,000 people have joined her in final repose. Everyday New Yorkers share the meticulously manicured grounds with noted authors, inventors, journalists, showmen, politicians and the occasional Robber Baron. With its mix of simple steles, intricate sculpture, and elaborate family mausoleums, Woodlawn, designated a National Historic Landmark in 2011, is an architectural smorgasbord. Here are some of the sights that will enthrall.

    To the "Manor" Born

    Memorial to a Marriage

    Life With Father

    The Five and Dime Store Magante

    The Pulitzer Prize

    The Queen of Salsa

    Canned Meat

    The Brewery Baron

    Hotelier Julius Manger