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    Sleepy Hollow Cemetery

    Published in 1820, Washington Irving's The Legend of Sleepy Hollow holds a prominent place in American folklore. The tale of the headless horseman will forever be associated with Sleepy Hollow Cemetery. While tourists flock to the historic graveyard year round, the changing colors of fall herald in its prime seasonal attraction: Halloween. If you are planning a visit to the storied Westchester County, New York graveyard here's a sampling of what to see.

    1. Washington Irving: 1783-1859

    Alexandra K. Mosca

    Buried in the Irving family plot, the early 19th Century writer wrote the now iconic short stories: “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (1820)” and “Rip Van Winkle (1819).” Both works appeared in his book The Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon, Gent. , Geoffrey Crayon being Irving’s alias.

    2. John Dustin Archbold: 1848-1916

    Alexandra K. Mosca

    The Byzantine-style mausoleum of Standard Oil executive John Dustin Archbold, contains twelve crypts, a glass mosaic ceiling and bronze doors. In life, he worked closely William Rockefeller, whose mausoleum is across the road.

    3. Harry Helmsley: 1909 - 1997 & Leona Helmsley: 1920 – 2007

    Alexandra K. Mosca

    Despite being dubbed the "Queen of Mean," hotelier Leona Helmsley's love for her husband, Harry, is undeniable. Inside the mausoleum, twin crypt contain the bodies of the Helmsleys. Each tomb contains a brief, loving message. Harry to Leona: I wait for the time we can soar together again, both aware of each other. Leona to Harry: I never knew a day I did not love you.

    4. Henry Villard: 1835-1900

    Alexandra K. Mosca

    This unique monument marks the grave of journalist Henry Villard. A brief biography of the journalist, who served as a Civil War correspondent, can be found on the rear of the stone.

    5. Andrew Carnegie: 1835-1919

    Alexandra K. Mosca

    A stately Celtic cross made of granite, quarried near his castle in Scotland, marks the grave of Andrew Carnegie. Once one of the world's wealthiest men, the philanthropic Carnegie believed the rich were obliged to use their money for the greater good.

    6. Walter Chrysler: 1875-1940

    Alexandra K. Mosca

    In 1925, Walter Chrysler founded the Chrysler Corporation, one of the "big three" automakers of the early 20th Century. Secluded in a glen and surrounded by shade trees, his stately mausoleum features four stained-glass windows from his Long Island estate.

    7. Brooke Astor: 1902 - 2007

    Alexandra K. Mosca

    Socialite Brooke Astor is buried beside her husband Vincent (son of financier John Jacob Astor IV, who perished on the Titanic). One hundred and five at the time of her death, the words I had a wonderful life are etched into her granite slab.

    8. William Avery Rockefeller: 1841-1922

    Alexandra K. Mosca

    The co-founder of Standard Oil is entombed in this opulent mausoleum which boasts a heavenly view of the Hudson Valley from its elevated perch.

    9. Cornelius Couenhoven: 1699-1794

    Alexandra K. Mosca

    An example of the many 18th Century gravestones (often of children) which can be found on the grounds, especially nearby the Old Dutch Church. Winged faces were a popular style of embellishment at the time.

    10. General Samuel M. Thomas: 1840 - 1903

    Alexandra K. Mosca

    The "Bronze Lady" was commissioned by the widow of Civil War General Samuel M. Thomas upon his death in 1903. Crafted by noted sculptor Andrew O'Connor Jr., the seated figure of a mourning woman faces the door of the Thomas mausoleum and has been the object of much local lore.

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