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    Lords Of Retail

    With a mix of business acumen and hard work, these American retailers built their own merchandising empires. These establishments range from the modest offerings of a five-and-dime store, to the splendor of a luxurious jeweler. While these well-known merchants are long gone, their legacies live on. Their graves can be found in some of New York's most famous cemeteries: Green-Wood, Woodlawn, Kensico and Salem Fields.

    Abraham Abraham: Salem Fields

    Henri Bendel: Kensico

    Lyman Bloomingdale: Salem Fields

    Paul Bonwit: Kensico

    Samuel H. Kress: Woodlawn

    Rowland H. Macy: Woodlawn

    Nathan M. Ohrbach: Salem Fields

    James Cash Penny: Woodlawn

    Frederick August Otto Schwarz: Green-Wood

    Benjamin Stern: Salem Fields

    Isidor Straus: Woodlawn

    Charles Lewis Tiffany & Louis Comfort Tiffany: Green-Wood

    Frank Winfield Woolworth: Woodlawn