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    Godfather Graves

    Although the heyday of the mafia is long past, the graves of major mobsters continue to be a big draw. The burial spots are found in major cemeteries in New York City, which has been the center point of the Mafia in American history.

    1. Frank Costello: St. Michael's Cemetery - E. Elmhurst, NY

    2. Joey Gallo: Green-Wood Cemetery - Brooklyn, NY

    3. Vito Genovese: St. John Cemetery Middle Village, NY

    4. Charles "Lucky" Luciano: St. John Cemetery-Middle Village, NY

    5. Joseph Masseria: Calvary Cemetery - Woodside, NY

    6. Joseph Profaci: St. John Cemetery - Middle Village, NY

    7. Gaetano Reina: Woodlawn Cemetery - Bronx, NY

    8. Anthony Salerno: St. Raymond's Bronx, NY

    9. Johnny Torrio: Green-Wood Cemetery - Brooklyn, NY

    10. Frankie Yale: Holy Cross Cemetery - Brooklyn, NY