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Top 6 Quotes From The 213th Dartmouth Alumni Council Meeting

A few highlights from AC weekend at Dartmouth

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1. "Diversity is who we bring to Dartmouth; inclusion is how at home we make them feel. Diversity is useless without inclusivity." -Alumni Council President Russell Wolf ’89 TU’94 of ESPN on the theme of the weekend

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2. "If this talk of 'watching' polls in Philadelphia doesn't make you uneasy, you haven't been paying attention to American history." -Leslie Butler, Associate Professor of History, during lunchtime panel on "Diversity of Political Thought in America and at Dartmouth"

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3. “More than a random place to sleep & do laundry, Dartmouth’s new housing communities provide students a home base, sense of place, & a feeling of continuity." - Inge-Lise Ameer, Vice Provost for Student Affairs. (One also has Ben the Bernese Mountain Dog, official house snuggler.)

4. "Meeting my FYSEP mentor was like looking into a mirror at my future self." -A current student, describing her experience with a program that provides support and mentorship for first-generation college students.

5. “No one wants to be tenured because they check a box. I want to be tenured because I'm an expert in my field." –Bruce Duthu, Professor of Native American Studies, to the Academic Affairs Committee during our discussion about the challenge Dartmouth faces in hiring, promoting, and retaining female faculty and faculty of color.

6. “You get a room full of green, & awesome stuff can happen." -Andrew Samwick, Professor of Economics, Director, Nelson A. Rockefeller Center for Public Policy and the Social Sciences

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