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7 Game-Changing Apps To Download This Month

Because not all of us were at SXSW

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1. Meerkat

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Rolling into SXSW as the new app on the block, Meerkat introduced themselves as the platform that lets users stream live video from their mobile devices. Until about a week ago, Meerkat users like Jimmy Fallon could stream through Twitter. Now, Twitter has removed Meerkat from their social graph, making new room for their newly adopted streaming app, Periscope. No matter though, Meerkat has bounced back, boasting updated features like recommended users and streams based on who you and your friends follow.

2. Periscope

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Also known as Twitter's new prodigy, Periscope allows users to stream AND save their video. This is a huge advantage, considering that Meerkat doesn't archive video streams, at least not yet. While Meerkat showcases streams ideal for live chats, office hour Q&A's, or behind-the-scenes footage, Periscope features top users who utilize creative content. Creative being the operative word seeing as Periscope has already started its own video trend among users, called "fridging". Both video streaming apps have made waves in the tech circuit, and thanks to added celebrity users, it's only a matter of time before advertisers move in for a new take on brand campaigns.

3. Moju

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Meet the interactive Instagram. With Moju, users can "film" a sequence and replay it as a hyperlapse with, get this---movement. By tilting your mobile device back and forth, you can watch the sequence replay again and again. Users can also replay the frames by sliding their fingers across the screen. Similar to the way Vines replay themselves, Moju encourages users to swipe their screens to reveal the next hyperlapse masterpiece. Good news for the selfie takers out there, Moju's latest version now supports face recognition which can only mean one thing: 3-D selfies.

4. Comp CC (by Adobe)

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Adobe launched its newest brainstorming app this week, unveiling a whole new way for designers to create on-the-go. Now, this isn't meant to necessarily replace Adobe's programs, more so fit into the puzzle alongside them. Think of it as a digital solution to the pen and paper stage, except with Comp CC you can import hi-res photos, draw shapes, and insert text boxes. What was once a chicken-scratch drawing on a dry-erase board has now become a more presentable and portable platform for big ideas.

5. Whipclip

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If you didn't watch the #BieberRoast (and maybe you will after this), Comedy Central and the star himself teamed up to promote WhipClip to share clips from the show's best moments. Instead of searching YouTube for relevant clips, users can simply locate videos by searching the TV show itself on WhipClip's platform. The clips are short, but timely, allowing users to share the most recent videos that could have been uploaded a mere two minutes before broadcast. That means more tools for viewers to live tweet their favorite TV events.

6. Spayce

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When it comes to creating memories in college, Spayce wants to be the app where you can log every place, every picture, and every person you've ever made one with. It sounds like a lot, but Spayce makes it simple: Every place you visit, you can add video, tag friends, or even view what's been posted around you. Similar to Yik Yak, Spayce encourages community ties on college campuses through real-time maps.

7. Layout (from Instagram)

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With Hyperlapse being the recent trend to take over Instagram, the company has decided to create another app of their own: Layout. Users can take several photos and assemble them into one image. How you assemble is where the creativity comes in. Choose from their classic grid layouts, or flip the image itself to create abstract mirror effects. If Instagram can teach us about photography, then Layout will teach us about art direction. Too bold? Yes. But then again so was that brunch pic.

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