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Gilmore Girls: Who's The Daddy?

A theory of who is, or isn't, Rory's Baby daddy in Gilmore Girls

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Gilmore Girls: Who's the Daddy?

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Amy Sherman-Palladino finished Gilmore Girls with a bang- the final four words left more threads untied than the series attempted to mend.

Rory: “Mom.”

Lorelai: “Yeah?”

Rory: “I’m pregnant.”

People have been shocked and angry about these final four words. How could she end the series like this? More pressing has been the question of who is the daddy? The obvious answer seems to be Logan. Logan is the daddy because of the rendezvous succeeding Rory’s final hurrah with the Life and Death Brigade. But that seems like a copout and the timeline doesn’t quite fit.

If we assume that the Amy Sherman-Palladino followed the timeline in the final episode, “Fall,” then Rory could not have conceived Logan’s baby during their wild night. How can we know this? Well, Rory left with Logan, Colin, Finn, and Robert, when Lorelai left for her Wild adventure. Lorelai calls Luke 12 hours after arriving at a Motel near the beginning of her presumed hiking trip.

Rory is swept away that evening, steals baby bottle pops from Doose’s (potentially symbolizing she’s already preggers), watches Kirk’s bizarre short film, goes dancing at a tango club, and ends the night in bed with Logan in New Hampshire. In fact, it’s almost like she is mulling over both Logan leaving the morning after her escapade and maybe even being pregnant. Why doesn’t she soak up every minute of her time with her beloved ex-boyfriend engaged to the French heiress Odette?

The following day Rory heads to Emily’s empty house to write her book. Three to four days after Lorelai leaves for Wild she arrives back home, proposes to Luke AGAIN telling him that she has booked their wedding for that month. At the end of the episode, we see a date- November 5, 2016. That means the earliest Lorelai could have returned from her Wild adventure was November 1, giving Rory less than two weeks to conceive and figure out she is pregnant.

Although not impossible to know, it takes 12-24 hours for sperm to fertilize an egg, implanting around the 2-week mark. There would not be enough time for Rory to figure out she is pregnant if Amy Sherman-Palladino was consistent with the timeline. So who is the daddy?

It could be Logan if an off-screen rendezvous occurred during summer. Or maybe Rory is one of those girls who didn’t realize she was pregnant until the 5-6 month mark? It does happen to some people... So then it could be anybody’s baby- the Wookie one night stand, Logan, Paul, or any other lover Rory has had off screen. For all we know, Rory seriously asked Paris to be a surrogate, feeling lonely and vulnerable after ending things with Logan in “Summer.”

But at the end of the day, does it really matter who the father is? The show was always about a mother-daughter relationship and this pregnancy allows Rory’s to assume the mother’s role.

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