This Is What Happens… Searching For A Job Just Out Of College

So it’s been about a month since Grad. Now faced with loan payments you begin seriously think about a job. Looking for a job after college can be really stressful and filled with anxiety. Don’t worry, everyone else feels just as inept and broken as you do.

1. At the begining you feel great and full of promise.

2. But after about two and a half weeks of applying for jobs you feel like this…

3. But you keep sending out resumes though you begin to suspect no one is getting them.

4. And without the Structure of college you’re begining to feel like this..

5. And you may begin to feel some depression and anxiety about your situation.

6. And suddenly it seems that everyone you know is getting their dream job and you are trying to be supportive

7. But really you are begining to feel like this

8. And when people ask you why you aren’t working… which they will… You think

9. But really you take their verbal abuse because there’s nothing to say.

10. In fact you’ve stopped telling people when you apply for jobs because it hurts too much.

11. Then you finally get an interview and you’re like..

12. So you survive the telephone interveiw and get an in-person. (Go you!!) but then you hear about the compensation package.

13. But still you’re like…

14. And now you’re waiting patiently for the result because you’re whole life rides on this turing out well.

15. And it’s been a week and you’re still waiting. Time for a follow up email!

16. But then you’re phone rings!

18. Congrats!! You Did it!! That’s right you’ve been hired!!

20. Just remember as a productive member of society…

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