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Michael Fassbender Is Macbeth

For anyone who has ever wished that Game of Thrones had more Scottish accents and Shakespearean sentences, "Macbeth" looks to be the movie of your dreams.

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"Something wicked this way comes." (Act IV, Scene I)

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(and by wicked, I mean totally awesome)

The first teaser trailer for the latest on-screen adaption of "Macbeth" has been released and it's pretty epic.

Director Justin Kurzel's adaptation of William Shakespeare's tragic play stars Michael Fassbender as Macbeth and Marion Cotillard as Lady Macbeth.

For anyone who needs more clarification on who those characters are, leave whatever you're doing right now and go read yourself some Shakespeare....everyone will understand.

For anyone who actually paid attention in high school English class, enjoy this Irish ginger and French brunette pretend to try and viciously claim the Scottish throne.

"Macbeth" hits UK cinemas October 2nd and has no US release date yet.

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