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    These 8 Pressure Points Will Help You Relieve Congestion

    Because everyone's been hit with the sniffles at least three times this year.

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    Stuffy nose? Maybe even a headache? Try these eight pressure points to help relieve your congestion!

    Let's get started! Use your index fingers to press each side of the base of your nose and feel your sinuses open up.

    Hold here for three minutes for maximum benefits!

    Then, use your thumbs and index fingers to gently pinch the inner eyebrow. Feeling any better yet?

    Hold for three minutes on these pressure points, as well!

    Next, use your index finger to apply pressure to the place where the eyebrow bone and eye socket meet.

    Hold for as long as desired!

    Move your index fingers slightly and apply the same pressure to outer edge of eyebrow bone.

    Hold for as long as it feels good.

    Then, move just above your cheekbone and below your eye socket to apply light pressure on this point.

    Hold for as long as desired.

    Next, apply pressure to the inner corners where your eye and your nose meet. Do you feel any relief?

    Hold for as long as desired.

    Here's a congestion pressure point you might not know of! Apply pressure with two fingers to the top of your sternum, just below where your collar bones meet.

    Hold for as long as desired.

    To finish off this pressure point routine, use two fingers to apply pressure below the middle of your collar bone.

    Hold for as long as it feels good.