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GMO Pros And Cons

GMOs have the potential to help developing countries with food demand as well as provide possible alternatives of better farming for farmers. some of the GMOs under development today are golden rice, C4 rice and C4 wheat, and a process from soybeans called better photosynthesis yields 50% more soybeans. These are just examples of the few under development. Listed below are some pros and cons of the GMOs of today.

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1. Enhanced quality or taste

certain flavors can be enhanced or suppressed through genetic modification.

2. Resistant to drought and pestilence

many GMOs reduce the usage of insecticide and most toxic herbicides.

3. Better nutrition

some GMO foods hold more nutrients in terms of vitamin content.


1. Damaging to the environment

GMOs can potentially resist certain herbicides causing a negative affect on the environment.

2. Not enough testing

a big concern with GMOs is that there has been no real long term testing.

3. Allergic reactions

studies have shown that GMO foods increase the risk of food based allergies in people.

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