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    • alexandercathcartd

      you know what though?Ithough Indie was Sooooooo cool whenIwas in high school… but in fact it is not cool…Iknow this now that I’ve had to work with indie bands making music videos…1everyone isastupid DJ now, even bloody people calling themselves bands are in fact bloody djs half the time the only place people still care about guitars appears to be england and country music… and perhapse austrailia but I’m not sure…Igenerally consider aussie land to be england2when it comes to music… and ireland is just also england when it comes to music…2since everyone figured out that indie labels were in factaload of crap usually and screwed artists just as much as majors did and some times even worse, everyone wants to release their own thing now… all on their own… and digital.. and if they make it then getamajor ot poop out pressings for novelty purposes such as that odd part of urban outfitters that still sells records so you are less aware you are tossing money to the republican party every time you shop there… yes little lemmings… read the news… SO because all the music people and people that play music are basically ego maniacs that desperately want to control everyone and tell everyone what to do and how to live and how to think… naturally if you give financial powers to an artist selling his own things online he will naturally believe he is entitled to every last dime… What about the designer that made the cover?FAVOR (free)… what about the guy who came over to his house that day and mixed it all down?FAVOR (maybeacredit orathank you some place no one will notice) … what about the people who make the music video???? HAHAHAHA FAVOR … (maybe the director gets likeahundred bucks but everyone else there is doing the guyasolid… why? cuase the greedy bastard is simply flat broke… why? cause he pissed his money all over himself last week…)… what about the guys that do all the post on the video? the after effects? the color? the contrast? the titling? the graphics and stuff? WHAT? you mean those nerds? meh… NOTHING!!! the project is already so over budget because they never hadabudget…  indie isaload of crap… YOU SEE, whatalabel freaking does is they cut the record they market the record and they put it on the shelves, then they make the videos and the singles and set up the shows and the videos and the tours… AND THEY PAY EVERYONE AND EVERYONE GETS TO EAT!!!! and if the artist is all pissed off that other people need to get paid too then screw that greedy bastard,Isay…  That being said… there are major labels out there that just crank out pop music and sell it like crazy… and thats fineIguess for people who like that type of thing but it’s also kind of culturally empty most of the time and can make someone feel pretty annoyed after being hammered with it on the radio and tv as much as it gets done…  HOWEVER… indie bands don’t getafree pass on screwing everyone in sight out of their way of makingaliving just because they feel like their little art project is sacred and every penny generated has to go to buying silly girls in bars drinks while chanting off how fabulous and important they are…  THE ONLY REASONISTILL WORK WITH “BANDS” AND DJs AT ALL ANYMORE IS TO IMPRESS NON MUSIC RELATED CLIENTS TO GIVE ME REAL PAYING WORK!!!! the stuff just looks nice when its done… as long as some stupid lead singer doesn’t try to grab the project away andfit up… and yes that happensalot…  the fact is major labels don’t screw artists anymore… they just bloody don’t… they just run the business like it’sabuisness and not some hero worship circle jerk like some artists with their heads up their arses would like…  There is an indie formula that’s been in practice for aboutadecade and it’s rubish… it’s just another kind of pop music for nerdy children that want to feel like they are special for being pretentious about something to take away the sting of rejection they generally experience asaside effect for their own social disfunctions… and before you lunge and me…IWASAHIPSTER ANDIWAS IN AN INDIE BAND ANDIWAS ALL THIS BLA BLA BLA… it’saload of crap… I’ve known many famous bands personally and only1in 20 rock stars seem to be decent people… the rest tend to be these greedy whiny cry babys that simply won’t share and expect the whole world wraped up and handed to them onaplater because they blurt out masterbatory self congratulation into public forums and venues onaregular or semi regular basis and then record some masterbatory gurgling sounds to go with all the other self indulgent and self congratulatory BS they fill the air with… it’s no better than pop drek usually and frankly I’m getting pretty sick of it…  I’m much happier when I’m just making ads for things because it at leas feels more honest than this indie music silly crapIgot so wrapped up in and waisted so much of my youth on… at least ads are simply just selling you things that you may chose to buy or not buy… and fine with that…  there is no more indie… it’s dead at it’s own hands… now we simply have the old kinda way of framing it out… rock, techno, classical, jazz, folk, country….. and honestly that’s probably better than blathering about what is more authentic or some crud like that…  NONE OF IT IS AUTHENTIC… all the posturing and pageantry even with local bands is just pompous self congratulating BS…