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    • alexanderb16

      Just like any other thread, looks like the morons are here to get offensive. Looks like people just can’t tell the difference betweenahypothesis, theory andafact. Given most of you didn’t study physics that would explain it. Anyway… Hypothesis #3 “It was Blue Robe Guy” addresses the most significant issue of all. He is holding what quite clearly looks to be the bomb bag, given the image released of the bag by the FBI and the clear photos of him. The two dudes taken down by the military police were beyond any doubt carrying bags that looked nothing at all like the FBI’s destroyed bomb bag.Athree year old could tell you that much. Who really did it? Who knows? Frankly the most credible hypothesis at the moment is that it was staged performance under the umbrella ofalive crisis and security response drill given the photos of Mr ‘Legs Blown Off’ sitting casually inasmall pool of fake blood being ignored by all first responders on the scene in favour of far more minor injuries. All we have is questions such as what the hell wasaprivate paramilitary force doing there? Why is the announcement ofadrill at the start of the race now being suppressed? Why is Blue Robe Guy not suspect #1? All you ‘conspiracy theory’ hating fools never can get one simple thing through your heads, the hypocrisy of it all. The group of people tossing around theories that we are all supposed to accept blindly as fact in these kinds of events is the gov’t and mainstream media. Not to mention the story usually involves people working together (a conspiracy). Then most of you fools do accept without question what is spoon fed to you. To have the audacity to then turn around and attack anyone that questions the bullshit as being nuts, insane, crazies for gullibly and thoughtlessly believing in factless theories could not possibly be more backwards and hypocritical.Ibelieve Orwell would refer to that as ‘double think’. The fact that you can’t recognize you are doing exactly what your criticizing others of yourself, and that they are not, is absurd. You are correct, it is crazy. But you’ve got it backwards. Not questioning the state at any time is moronic. Not questioning the state while all your liberties and freedoms are systematically being stripped makes youadangerous liability to your fellow citizens.

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