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    13 Films You Haven't Seen But Must See In 2013

    Some of the films listed haven't released yet and some have had limited releases. Nationwide Releases do not qualify.

    13. It's a Disaster

    Via NPR

    An incredible one location film that's smart, funny and has a story arc and talent that will keep you engaged all the way through.

    12. Upstream Color

    Via IMDb

    You'll forever be trying to figure out the true meaning of the pig but this mysterious physiological thriller is amazing and visual. It's not for everyone but think Se7en meets Tree of Life

    11. Scenic Route

    Via Hollywood Reporter

    Scenic Route is a one location Horror Mellow-Drama with a physiological twist that keeps on moving second to second. Two man sitting in the desert and it's never boring, EVER!

    10. American Milkshake

    Via Austin Chronicle

    Originally when I saw this film back at Sundance it was titled just Milkshake. The concept is a white boy during the era of the OJ trial desires to make the Varsity Basketball team and craves to be practically Black! If that doesn't sound interesting for a coming-of-age comedy then I don't know what does!

    9. In Fear

    Via Blogspot

    In Fear is a horror film about a couple trying to arrive at their hotel room on vacation. The only problem is they are lost and seem to be continually going around in circles!

    8. Emanuel and the Truth about Fishes

    Via HoaxFilms

    It's weird, bizarre and strangely funny. That's all I'm going to say.

    7. We Are What We Are

    Via Way Too Indie

    A southern family of cannibals. It's a rediscovered telling of a Silence of the Lambs style story.

    6. Fool's Day (Short Film)

    Via Amazon

    I don't know if it's out there anywhere for anyone to watch but Fool's Day is the best short film I've ever seen. A Comedy/Horror with kids, it's all you in the world.

    5. The Kings of Summer

    Via Cleveland Film

    Originally titled Toy's House, the new title does the film a lot more justice. It's Stand by Me meets Goonies. The best coming-of-age story in a long long time in my eyes.

    4. The Spectacular Now

    Via Sundance

    A romance film that I am sure will go down as one of the best coming-of-age high school films in history and one of the most realistic depictions of first time sex I've ever seen, EVER!

    3. The Place Beyond The Pines

    Via IndieWire

    Pure Ryan Gosling awesomeness and a strong story to back it all up!

    2. The Hunt

    Via TwitchFilm

    My only foreign selection on this list. The Hunt is such an amazing international story of how we as a society act. Picture Perfect in every way possible.

    1. Fruitvale Station

    Via Sundance

    Originally titled just Fruitvale it is a true story of the last twenty-four hours of a young mans life. I saw this film twice and every time it screened at Sundance 2013 the director got a standing ovation. There was not a dry eye in the theater including my own. Fruitvale Station will be a best picture nominee so it won't be a film you soon forget and it won't be a film you haven't heard of for very long!