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These Two Sorority Girls’ Snapchats Wearing Blackface Causes Social Media Uproar

What were they thinking?!

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When will people ever learn that it's never EVER okay to wear blackface?

It's outrageous that someone would even think that it's a good idea in the first place.

Unfortunately, it's too bad that it happened once again. To make matters worse the racist photo was posted on Snapchat.

Paige Shoemaker, former sorority girl at Kansas State University didn't think things through about sending the insulting snap to her friends.

Shoemaker wasn't the only one who participated in the offensive photo. It displayed her and her best friend named Sadie Meier who held up a Westside W.

The snap was captioned, "Feels good to finally be a nigga (with the face with tears of joy emoji)." Soon after the photo was posted, it had gone viral - and not in a good way. Many students were angered and shocked that these girls would casually announce such public-facing racist comments.

The photo unleashed a social media uproar, and one of the tweets came from senior software engineering major Desmund Weathers.

Weathers said: "Welcome to Kansas State University. Where breakfast in the morning is from K-State Family with a side of Racism." - @JustDesmund Weather's tweet had received over 9,000 retweets and counting.

Kansas State University officials issued a statement on Thursday morning, saying: "There is no place for racism at our university." Later, a second statement from the school said the student is no longer a student there.

Jeff Morris, the University spokesman told the Associated Press that the women in the photo are no longer students of KSU. Morris said that one woman attended last spring, but she was not enrolled this fall. After the school figured out the situation, photos of the girls tagged to the school were taken down.

Shoemaker sent a series of text messages to Fusion, and she confessed to being one of the two women in the picture. She posted the photo on Tuesday night to her Snapchat story and was apparently wearing a L'Oreal clay facial mask.

"It was sent in a joking manner to our friends," Shoemaker said. "I am the least racist and most accepting person you will meet. Never would I send it in a derogatory way."

KSU's Sorority Zeta Tau Alpha posted a statement on their Facebook page that said Shoemaker is no longer considered a member of the sorority. Apparently, she had been expelled from the organization in spring 2015.

This story even caused national attention on Twitter. Actress Gabrielle Union tweeted about the incident.

The school's Black State Union said on Thursday afternoon that they are urging KSU to, "Take the stance that (Shoemaker) is no longer welcomed back at any future date."

It was a series of unfortunate events, and it's extremely important to be careful what you post on social media. If you think it's a harmless photo, think again.

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