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    Sep 28, 2015

    11 Moments Everyone Who's Met A Fuckboy Will Understand

    Because everybody's got That One Cousin who's just unbearable.

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    1. We all have that one cousin who is just...

    ...Un tremendo fuckboy.

    2. He tries to act like he's some super macho dude who never feels emotions, but... come on.

    It's OK for men to cry too, papo. Just own it!

    3. He'll never admit it but he's SUCH a mama's boy.

    4. He seriously has no regard for personal space.

    Manspreading from here to the moon.

    5. He describes himself as "chill," but in reality, he's super high-maintenance.

    No chill detected.

    6. Case in point? He takes FOREVER to get ready.

    7. He is his own biggest* fan.

    *OK, his only fan.

    8. His dating profiles are filled with descriptions of who he WON'T date.

    (Pssst: Those girls don't want him in the first place.)

    9. You can find him in his natural habitat: outside the VIP room at the club, drinking pomtinis.

    With a side of obliviousness.

    10. When you least expect it, he'll start grinding on you on the dance floor without permission.

    Because that's just what he does.

    11. The dude is just literally undateable.

    Don't be this guy.

    Be sure to follow That One Cousin on Vine and Twitter.

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