Are You A Thirsty Rando?

Thirst thing’s thirst.

Alex Alvarez / BuzzFeed
    1. Amazon TV
      Gary Busey
    2. Columbia
      Bill Murray
    1. Progressive Insurance
      Flo, from Progressive Insurance
    2. Geico Insurance
      The girl who flirts with the pig in the Geico commercials.
    1. Unicode Consortium
    2. Unicode Consortium
    1. Unicode Consortium
    2. Unicode Consortium
    1. Andriy Sharapa / Via iStock
    2. portokalis / Via iStock
    1. katrinaelena / Via iStock
    2. Andriy Sharapa / Via iStock
    1. fotofermer / Via iStock
    2. nambitomo / Via iStock
    1. jarun011 / Via iStock

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