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Things People Mildly Obsessed With Burritos Know To Be True

Happiness is a warm burrito.

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3. You know very well the food pyramid is actually burrito-shaped.

You've got your protein, your grains, your veggies, and your CHEEEEESE (which is its own food group, obviously). It's the perfect meal.

6. Burritos make dating easy. Does someone enjoy burritos? OK, then they're dateable.


Do not trust or date people who do not like burritos. You don't need that kind of negativity in your life.

7. You know that the magic of a burrito is that you can wrap your other favorite foods into a burrito. Ta-da!

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Want a pizza, but also a burrito? Boom. Pizzarito. In the mood for an ice cream sundae, but also kind of craving a burrito? WHIZBANG. Sundarito.

9. As a true burrito aficionado, you WILL NOT TOLERATE people referring to a wrap as a burrito.


How to make a wrap: Grab a scant handful of whatever, half-heartedly roll it in a piece of wet paper, then throw it directly into the garbage.

10. It's a whole lot of fun to argue about where burritos are REALLY from.


Did they originate in Mexico? Were they invented in San Francisco? Pick a side and argue about it with glee.

14. A burrito will always love you back.

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It would never EVER just text you back with "k."

15. In a pinch, a burrito can be used as a weapon.

If someone tries to steal your burrito, simply hit them with your burrito. The average burrito weighs about 718 pounds, which is sure to leave a mark.

16. Your burrito baby will never grow up to disappoint you, like real babies are inclined to do.

Possible names for my burrito baby* - Carlnitas - GuacaMiley - Barbaracoa - QueSue - Monterey Jack * we're not sure if it's a boy / girl yet

I love you, burrito baby.

18. They are, objectively speaking, the most adorable item in existence.

This burrito is especially cute.

19. Above all, burritos are the key to happiness.

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Burritos, the true 🔑 to #success.

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