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Latinas Are Using The "HispanicGirlsUnited" Hashtag To Tackle Stereotypes

United we rule.

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This week, Latinas on Twitter created a discussion using the hashtag "HispanicGirlsUnited."

They used it to tackle issues facing Latinas, as well as reasons why we need to come together to surmount them. It appears to be an offshoot of another hashtag discussion, "HowItFeelsToBeAHispanicGirl."

1. Some of the Tweets were as hilarious as they were on-point.

#HispanicGirlsUnited bc ppl make fun of a hispanic trying to sound out english words while they cant even pronounce quesadilla correctly


2. While others delved into serious issues surrounding citizenship.

#HispanicGirlsUnited because once you gain citizenship, you're still considered "illegal" in the eyes of others.

3. Some pointed out the inherent hypocrisy of embracing aspects of Latin American culture while rejecting its people.

#HispanicGirlsUnited because people like to celebrate our holidays but still tell us to go back to our country.


4. Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez added her voice to the chorus.

#HispanicGirlsUnited because there is room for us all, to live out our dreams, to be powerful and to contribute to each other's successes!πŸ‘Š

5. And Latina magazine reminded us that there is much work yet to be done.

#HispanicGirlsUnited because we've come a long way – but it's only the beginning.

We got this, though.

6. Many Tweets noted the vast diversity within the Hispanic/Latina community.

Shoutout to my black and Hispanic girls who are taught to believe they can't be both. You exist and I see you πŸ’–πŸ‘ΈπŸ½

7. And some even noted that the names we choose carry much weight.

#IndigenousGirlsUnited because there are a lot of mestizas who don't identify with #HispanicGirlsUnited.


8. Others focused on that the fact, while we're all so different, we can still stick together.

#HispanicGirlsUnited because you don't have to "look Hispanic" or speak Spanish

There is power in numbers.

9. Many pointed out the way others fail to understand just how vast and varied a people we are!

Mexico is a beautiful country of amazing people, but the Latin American world is HUGE!

10. In fact, the United States? Has been home to Latinos for generations.

#HispanicGirlsUnited because threatening to have me "deported" won't do anything because I was born here.

We've BEEN here.

11. Some looked to pop culture...

πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸ½RT @canyounotziall: CAN WE JUST HAVE A MOMENT FOR THIS: BEST SLAY EVER. πŸ™Œ #HispanicGirlsUnited


12. Others looked to the sacrifices and accomplishments of their mothers...

#HispanicGirlsUnited because people still look down on my mother for cleaning houses but don't appreciate her for raising 4 children alone

13. ...And the dedicated fathers who forged a path for their kids to follow.

#HispanicGirlsUnited because our fathers are the most hardworking and dedicated men out there.

14. While others turned to the strong women who have kicked ass throughout history.

#HispanicGirlsUnited You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.

15. Some reminded people that being Latina doesn't necessarily mean having an accent.

#HispanicGirlsUnited bc telling us "wow you don't have an accent!" when we speak English is somehow supposed to be taken as a compliment

And having an accent doesn't mean we're not intelligent. It means we can speak AT LEAST two languages.


16. And still others noted that you don't need to speak Spanish to be Latina.

not speaking Spanish doesn't make you less Hispanic! #HispanicGirlsUnited

There's no "correct way" to be Latina. Be you.

17. ...Nor do you have to be of any particular faith.

being told I can't be Muslim because I'm Hispanic :-) #HispanicGirlsUnited

18. Others pointed out the fetishization Latinas often face.

Yes I speak Spanish. No I will not call you "papi" #HispanicGirlsUnited

19. And some highlighted the struggles we face within our own families and cultures.

#HispanicGirlsUnited because do yall know how hard it was for me growing up having a mentality like this?

All the more reason for us to stick together and stand up for one another.

20. As others have pointed out: It's our time.

#HispanicGirlsUnited bc this is the first time Hispanics have actually taken over a social media .