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    18 Things People In Interracial Relationships Are Tired Of Hearing

    And, yup, we're counting "inter-ethnic" relationships, too.

    1. "Your kids are going to be so cute!"

    2. "But what will your kids identify as?"

    3. "How did your parents react?"

    4. "Are you rebelling?"

    5. "Is this a phase?"

    6. "This is not some kind of fetish, is it?"

    7. "Do you hate your own race?"

    *aggressively dances away from you*

    8. "Oh, I dated a ________ once."

    9. "Oooh, I've always had a thing for ___"

    10. "Oh, aren't they [insert racial stereotype here]?"

    11. "So what holidays do you celebrate?"

    12. "Is it weird to date someone from another race?"

    13. "Aw, that's so cute!"

    14. "You guys are, like. The future."

    15. "You are soooo progressive."

    16. "What do your friends think about it?"

    17. "Family get-togethers must be really awkward, huh?"

    18. "It's cool that you don't see color."

    Well, no, we see it. We recognize it. It's just not an obstacle to being together and eating an entire pizza in front of one another in our underwear.*

    *Real love.