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18 Things People In Interracial Relationships Are Tired Of Hearing

And, yup, we're counting "inter-ethnic" relationships, too.

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1. "Your kids are going to be so cute!"

Fox / Via

Can you wait at least until they're born to, like, weirdly fetishize them? Oh my God, wait. You totally have a Pinterest board dedicated to biracial babies, don't you?

2. "But what will your kids identify as?"

Fox / Via

"Spoiled," probably. But, honestly, that's up to them.

3. "How did your parents react?"

CBS / Via

They said, "Hi, how are you?" and then they showed embarrassing childhood pictures.

4. "Are you rebelling?"

Fox / Via

My whole entire brain is rebelling against your question.

5. "Is this a phase?"

ABC Family / Via

Well, it's not a phase if it lasts forever.

6. "This is not some kind of fetish, is it?"

CityTV / Via

No, this is not 50 Shades of Dating.

7. "Do you hate your own race?"

*aggressively dances away from you*

8. "Oh, I dated a ________ once."

Fox / Via

How is that relevant to our relationship?

9. "Oooh, I've always had a thing for ___"

ABC / Via

People? Yeah, most people are into the same species.

10. "Oh, aren't they [insert racial stereotype here]?"

CityTV / Via

So. Over. This.

11. "So what holidays do you celebrate?"


The ones I'm invited to. The ones with food.

12. "Is it weird to date someone from another race?"

NBC / Via

Well, we do tend to get some weird questions...

13. "Aw, that's so cute!"

CBS / Via

I get that we're two adorable and sexy individuals, but this is a relationship, not a puppy.

14. "You guys are, like. The future."

HBO / Via

Please don't mention us in whatever trend piece you're pitching to Thought Catalog.

15. "You are soooo progressive."

New Line Cinema / Via

Not really progressive; we just love who we love.

16. "What do your friends think about it?"

Fox / Via

If they didn't like it they wouldn't be good friends.

17. "Family get-togethers must be really awkward, huh?"

NBC / Via

Not really, since they're family.

18. "It's cool that you don't see color."

Well, no, we see it. We recognize it. It's just not an obstacle to being together and eating an entire pizza in front of one another in our underwear.*

*Real love.

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