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    Amy Schumer And Amber Rose's MTV Movie Awards Sketch Is Hilarious

    Also, um. Relatable.

    As comedian Amy Schumer gets ready to host the 2015 MTV Movie Awards on Sunday, she took a little time to unwind and watch a movie. Like you do.


    Just a lady casually eatin' popcorn in sunglasses. Nothing to see here.

    She soon runs into a friend, fellow comedian Nikki Glaser, and it's... awkward.


    Trenchcoats always mean hijinks.

    But then... then it gets awesome.



    They realize they're all there to see ~steamy~ movies and that it's totally OK.


    We're all adults here, PEOPLE! Adults who want wanna rustle some Jujubes while watching Magic Mike.

    Oh, and Amber Rose shows up with a vibrating purse.


    Yup, totally just a bag of rattlesnakes.

    Oh, and don't forget your dryer.


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