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    17 Ways Introvert/Extrovert Friendships Rule

    Opposites attract!

    1. Because your BFF is so different, they can offer you perspective.

    2. An extrovert can help pull an introvert out of their comfort zone.

    3. And an introvert can reeeeeel back an extrovert's tendency to go TOO big.

    4. If an introvert is feeling too shy to take the next step, an extrovert can give that extra push to say "YES!"

    5. An extrovert can also pull an introverted homebody out of the house once in a while.

    6. While an introvert can show an extrovert that one-on-one time is also precious.

    7. And that it's OK not to get along with EVERYONE.

    8. And an extrovert can inspire an introvert to get into the habit of saying what they mean.

    9. Sure, sometimes an extrovert has to make the extra effort to make an introvert know they're #1.

    10. And sometimes an introvert has to put themself out there to show their BFF how much they really do care.

    11. An extrovert BFF understands that it's not like every introvert doesn't WANT to socialize... they just prefer their own company.

    12. While an introvert understands that extroverts aren't lacking in introspection just because they like to be around people.

    13. When introverts are accused of being snobby, an extrovert BFF can set the record straight.

    14. And when extroverts are labeled shallow, their BFF can swoop in and say what's what.

    15. And when either needs tough love, a true BFF will step up with some harsh truths.

    16. Especially if you're ever not being true to yourself.

    17. And, finally, you are both living proof that opposites really do attract.