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    23 Leonardo DiCaprio Faces That Are Basically You

    "I defy you, stars!"

    1. When you're walking to the bathroom at night and slam your toe against furniture:

    2. When someone won't stop talking about their new gluten-free diet:

    3. When it's 4:19:

    4. When you see the Powerball numbers announced and you realize you've just lost 30 dollars:

    5. When you see a presidential hopeful trying to garner the youth vote by partaking in a popular dance trend:

    6. When you're failing a class and the teacher makes a joke:

    7. When you see a magazine cover declaring a group of famous people "#FriendGoals":

    8. When you watch a movie you hate until the end in the hopes that it gets better:

    9. When the Four Loko hits:

    10. When you arrive to a party before any of your friends:

    11. When there's a hair in your sock:

    12. When you see a Crunchwrap Supreme:

    13. When you watch a zit popping video:

    14. When your friends convince you to go on a hike:

    15. When you finish your McDonald's and find more french fries in the bag:

    16. When someone says "nice to meet you" the third time you're introduced:

    17. When your crush isn't that funny:

    18. When your roommate didn't buy more toilet paper when they said they would and now it's too late:

    19. When you buy a hat, but aren't sure whether you're really a hat person:

    20. When your friends won't stop posting Facebook pictures of their babies:

    21. When your extended family asks when you're getting married and having kids:

    22. When you see your crush and try to play it cool:

    23. And finally, when you know you're taking home the Oscar this year: