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What's Your Creepiest Ouija Board Story?

Share your spooOoOOo0Oooky story!

Have you ever played with a Ouija board?

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The concept of communing with spirits using a physical device stretches across time and different cultures, with Ouija boards being one of the most recognizable, accessible methods. After all, all you need is a board, a planchette (the name for that little heart-shaped rolly thing), and a group of goth tweens.

We asked the BuzzFeed staff to share their most amazing, horrifying (and sometimes hilarious) Ouija board experiences. Here's what they had to say...

A Tale of Two Ghosts

Alex Alvarez / BuzzFeed / Via mouton.rebelle / Creative Commons / Flickr: mouton

The only times I've "successfully" (I use quotation marks to act like I don't take it seriously because if I admit that I think it's real everyone thinks I'm bonkers) Ouija'd was in high school when I did it with other Girl Scouts at camp. Scouts honor, so we couldn't POSSIBLY have lied to each other while playing. As camp counselors, we all stayed in one cabin and at night we would try to contact the spirits that haunted our mountain campgrounds. What else do you do when all you have are flip phones and no reception? The planchette definitely moved throughout many rounds of Ouija-ing and it told us many things (we were self-absorbed teens so a lot of the questions were about ourselves and our futures. I don't know why we thought ghosts could see into the future...). But the only "spirits" (again, just playing it cool with the quotation marks) I remember were this lesbian ghost who was chill and just doing her thing and this scary one that told my non-believer friend to DIE because she wasn't taking any of it seriously and as she was getting up to go to bed she tripped on a shoe and fell and maybe possibly could've died. THE GHOST TRIED TO KILL HER. We asked the ghost if her fall was his doing and the planchette moved to "Yes." So spooky. I had trouble sleeping that night. Sooo listen to your mom and don't mess with this stuff.

- C.T.

A Hurtful Process

Alex Alvarez / BuzzFeed / Via Gabi Menashe / Creative Commons / Flickr: gabi_menashe

I have a cousin who is powerful like that. Whenever she participates, spirits always appear and answer our questions. One time we called a distant cousin who committed suicide. He was with us for over two hours and revealed things about our lives correctly. All the predictions he made turned out to be correct too. On his death, he said that someone had performed black magic on him (he was the only son after 4 daughters. BIG reason to be jealous about in India) and used him as a sacrifice so that they could have a baby boy. (A year after his death, the couple he pointed at did have a boy who looks much like him) He said we shouldn't miss him and pray for him, and we shouldn't call him again, it's a hurtful process. And then he had to go because he couldn't stay after sundown.

My sister had a mad headache for quite a few days because of the trauma. It was freaky.

- K.K.


Alex Alvarez / BuzzFeed / Via Cathy Cole / Creative Commons / Flickr: mmewuji

I was like 9 and playing with my friends and it started to get intense and then my black cat jumped on my back and we ran away screaming like idiots.

- Dorsey Shaw


Alex Alvarez / BuzzFeed / Via Ian Line / Creative Commons / Flickr: ianbline

I'll never forget. I was 13 and my three friends and I wanted to try the Ouija board. It was the middle of the day, so we went into my friend's walk-in closet where it was dark and we brought flashlights. We were just playing around. Eventually this "spirit" named Michael came on and we starting talking to it. Of course each of us starts joking that someone is making it move. But the more we started talking to Michael, the more it was apparent that none of us were pushing the navigator around. It was really creepy, but fascinating, too. One of my friends asked the spirit where it was in the present moment. It started to spell C-L-O-S when one friend hit the navigator off the board, started freaking out and screamed, "Closet! He was spelling closet!!" We were spooked, but in a fun way. The friend who freaked out wanted to stop, but we insisted that we keep on talking to Michael as we at least had to say goodbye and close out the session. We got the navigator back on the board and said we were sorry for interrupting him. He was not happy. He said to not do it again. Then for some stupid reason I asked Michael what was he going to do in the closet with us. It started to spell K-I-L and then the same friend threw the navigator off the board again and started screaming, "KILL! He's going to kill us!!" and ran out of the closet. We all got really freaked out and ran out too. We didn't close out the session so there was an argument between those of us who felt we needed to go back in and say goodbye so Michael would be sent away, and those of us who refused to ever touch the Ouija board again. We ended up not going back in and I had nightmares about Michael following me around and wanting me dead.

- Ochi Scobie

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What's your creepiest Ouija story? Add it in the comments!

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