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20 Struggles People With Unhealthy Habits Have When Getting Fit

The path to health is paved with cheeseburgers.

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1. You wake up every morning fully intending to make good decisions, but then you remember McDonald's breakfast exists.


Just make my headstone a hashbrown.

2. You tried a green juice... that one time. And never again. Because it tasted like EVERY LEAF.

It ain't easy being green.

3. You have purchased a lot of cute workout clothes... that you wear to go grocery shopping.

Whatever, you look great.

4. You look at "fitspiration" posts while eating KFC.

Adult Swim


5. You have downloaded an app to keep track of your meals, and you've already lied to it.


They don't need to know about what the nachos you had at 3 a.m. while watching every episode of Frasier.

6. You usually order a salad (with extra bacon and bleu cheese dressing).


It's still a salad, tho. :)

7. And you've seriously wondered whether a pizza counts as salad.

It's a salad of bread and cheese and pepperoni, if you think about it.

8. And you're like pretty sure fries count as a serving of vegetables.

And tomato is a fruit, so with ketchup, they're practically a health food.

9. You've often asked "is this bad for you" while eating something you know is definitely bad for you.


And with no intention of stopping, tbh.

10. You've made it a point to get more sleep, but then you end up doing nothing online until 3 a.m.


11. You've signed up for a gym membership and were very good about working out three times.

Hundreds of dollars well-spent.

12. And whenever you DO work out, you immediately use it as an excuse to eat more.

Disney Channel

Need to feed those growing muscles, you see.

13. Your cheat days often turn into cheat months.


2015 is my cheat year, so.

14. You've tried arguing that eating is technically a form of exercise.

It's like basketball and my mouth is the hoop and I am the champion. The Derrick Rose of pizza rolls. The Kobe Bryant of kobe sliders. The Steph Curry of literal curry.

15. You've purchased 100-calorie pack snacks and promptly eaten the entire box in one sitting.

Which is neither healthy nor particularly satisfying, if we're being v honest with each other.

16. You've gone ahead and counted soda as part of your goal to drink eight glasses of water a day.

Iced coffee counts, too.

17. You have had to avoid friends who tell you to skip the gym and hang out.


We can't keep meeting like this. And eating Domino's like this. WE CAN'T.

18. And you have that one super healthy friend who always gives you unsolicited "health tips."

Focus Features

PRO TIP: It'll end up ruining your friendship because you will slowly murder this person.

19. There have been moments when you're trying your hardest and nothing seems to work.


Why run when you can nap? It's madness.

20. ...But you know that, at the end of the day, all the little changes you make add up to a healthier, happier you.


Everything in moderation.*

*even moderation

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