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How Well Do You Really Know "Twin Peaks"?

One day my log will have something to say about this.

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  1. 1. On what day did Agent Dale Cooper enter Twin Peaks?

    ABC / Via
    January 16th
    February 24th
    March 14th
  2. 2. What is the name of Renault's myna bird?

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  3. 3. How does Agent Cooper take his coffee?

    ABC / Via
    "Black as a crow feather."
    "Black as men's souls."
    "Black as midnight on a moonless night."
  4. 4. What charity was Laura Palmer involved with?

    ABC / Via
    Big Brothers, Big Sisters
    Meals on Wheels
    The Twin Peaks Log Scouts
  5. 5. Who was not a boyfriend of Laura's?

    ABC / Via
    James Hurley
    Leo Johnson
    Bobby Briggs
  6. 6. What extremely important device does Nadine Hurley invent?

    ABC / Via
    Completely waterproof mustaches.
    Completely silent draperunners.
    Completely squeak-free shoes.
  7. 7. Where does The Man From Another Place reside?

    ABC / Via
    The Red Room
    The Black Lodge
    Behind Burger King
  8. 8. Who said this?

    ABC / Via
    The Log Lady
    Sheriff Truman
    Major Briggs
  9. 9. What is the name of Benjamin Horne's brother?

    ABC / Via
    Stephen Horne
    Jerry Horne
    Caleb Horne
  10. 10. Now tell me: Where I can find the best slice of pie in Twin Peaks?

    ABC / Via
    The Great Northern hotel
    The Double R Diner
    One Eyed Jack's
  11. 11. What phobia does Harold Smith, Laura's former friend, have?

    ABC / Via
    Ophidiophobia (fear of snakes)
    Agoraphobia (fear of places that are difficult to escape)
    Mysophobia (fear of contamination and germs)
  12. 12. Who is possibly Donna Hayward's real father?

    ABC / Via
    Major Briggs
    Big Ed
    Benjamin Horne
  13. 13. Where did Ed Hurley and Norma Jennings meet?

    ABC / Via
    At the diner
    In high school
    At Owl Cave
  14. 14. Finally, when does Laura tell Agent Cooper she'll see him again?

    ABC / Via
    In 10 years.
    In 25 years.
    When the owls fly home.

How Well Do You Really Know "Twin Peaks"?

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