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    Posted on Nov 2, 2015

    23 Times Tumblr Was Real AF About Being Pale

    "That's just my face."

    1. When you have no choice but to unleash your inner vampire:

    2. When a beach vacation offers a great opportunity to catch up on reading under a towel:

    3. When the sun is your biggest frenemy:

    4. When you encounter this very modern problem:

    5. When your future (and your past and definitely your present) are so, so bright:

    6. When "THAT'S JUST MY FACE, MA'AM":

    7. When it's either this or White-Out:

    8. When things get aggressive:

    9. When you've developed a signature scent:

    10. When you get to perform a neat magic trick every time you take a photo with flash:

    11. When you've managed to burn your scalp by thinking you could ever leave your home without a hat:

    12. When this isn't even true because of those brown, recycled napkins:

    13. When everyone else's "super pale" is your "deep tan":

    14. When your sunburn is as stylish as it is painful:

    15. When you look way too convincing as someone with an illness:

    16. When hiding from the sun takes planning, cunning, and various supplies:

    17. When you're figuratively marble and literally marbled:

    18. When aloe is bae:

    19. When people like to point out your face's mood ring-like qualities:

    20. When you're literally clear:

    21. When you manage to burn from within a windowless room in the middle of a storm:

    22. When you can cosplay as a fried egg without a costume:

    23. And finally, when even hell can't hold us:

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