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31 Funny Tweets That Are Way, Way Too Real For Writers

Everything's gonna be all write.

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9. Or when a more interesting solution to the naming issue presents itself:

Spam emails: a source for fictional names #creative #writing @NaNoWriMo @WriterlyTweets @cbcreative @agoodconfession

21. When sometimes you need a gentle reminder:

Alarm for tomorrow 💪🏼 #writerproblems

23. When your problems become entirely too specific:

Twitter: @KeleGrrl

“So I created this centaur cop character and I’m wondering if he should pump his arms WHILE he runs to catch the perp. Any ideas?”

29. When writing takes up your entire life and editing takes up your whole house:

When your dining room becomes your editing room: #amwriting #amrevising #writerproblems

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