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31 Funny Tweets That Are Way, Way Too Real For Writers

Everything's gonna be all write.

1. When you are a cruel god, but a fair one:

2. When you've considered yelling this question out your window:

3. When past you offers present you a puzzle to solve:

4. When 10 hours have gone by and all you've written is what a character had for breakfast*:

5. When you have to remind yourself you're in great company:

6. When crying is just part of the process:

7. When this face happens:

8. When you've been staring at the name "Aiden" for half an hour:

9. Or when a more interesting solution to the naming issue presents itself:

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10. When you lie to yourself that Making a Murderer is just on as "background noise":

11. When this will still be true three years from now:

12. When you have ulterior motives:

13. When it's late and you're tired and you develop really strong feelings about spelling:

14. And when you’ve forgotten how to spell something entirely:

15. When you move from half-past "Too Much Coffee" to "It's After Noon And You Can't Judge Me For Drinking" o'clock:

16. When there's no cause for an extra clause:

17. When the most prominent member of your literary family is a throbbing one:

18. When fantasy writing is contagious:

19. When you have to google "the perfect crime how to kill without getting caught" as RESEARCH:

20. When it is your duty as a writer to teach the next generation well:

21. When sometimes you need a gentle reminder:

Alarm for tomorrow 💪🏼 #writerproblems

22. When editing involves slowly morphing into a triangle of pain:

23. When your problems become entirely too specific:

24. When you wish you were better at writing TO yourself:

25. When you come up with your best ideas while pooping:

26. When you wonder whether this technically counts as socializing:

27. When you've killed your darlings and also their entire world:

28. When it becomes all too evident that pets make THE WORST assistants:

29. When writing takes up your entire life and editing takes up your whole house:

When your dining room becomes your editing room: #amwriting #amrevising #writerproblems

30. When even the teeniest bit of writing has to be taken seriously:

31. When that's enough already: