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31 Funny Tweets That Are Way, Way Too Real For Writers

Everything's gonna be all write.

1. When you are a cruel god, but a fair one:

2. When you've considered yelling this question out your window:

3. When past you offers present you a puzzle to solve:

4. When 10 hours have gone by and all you've written is what a character had for breakfast*:

Twitter: @noveliciouss

*This is also a great sign that you should take a break and have some food.

5. When you have to remind yourself you're in great company:

6. When crying is just part of the process:

7. When this face happens:

8. When you've been staring at the name "Aiden" for half an hour:

9. Or when a more interesting solution to the naming issue presents itself:

Spam emails: a source for fictional names #creative #writing @NaNoWriMo @WriterlyTweets @cbcreative @agoodconfession

10. When you lie to yourself that Making a Murderer is just on as "background noise":

11. When this will still be true three years from now:

12. When you have ulterior motives:

Twitter: @TJINKtweets

Remember: Awful people and harrowing experiences are great fodder for your writing. Own them.

13. When it's late and you're tired and you develop really strong feelings about spelling:

Twitter: @DionneLister

See also: THROUGH.

14. And when you’ve forgotten how to spell something entirely:

Twitter: @TeriWilsonauthr

It happins to everyone.

15. When you move from half-past "Too Much Coffee" to "It's After Noon And You Can't Judge Me For Drinking" o'clock:

16. When there's no cause for an extra clause:

17. When the most prominent member of your literary family is a throbbing one:

18. When fantasy writing is contagious:

19. When you have to google "the perfect crime how to kill without getting caught" as RESEARCH:

20. When it is your duty as a writer to teach the next generation well:

21. When sometimes you need a gentle reminder:

Alarm for tomorrow 💪🏼 #writerproblems

22. When editing involves slowly morphing into a triangle of pain:

23. When your problems become entirely too specific:

Twitter: @KeleGrrl

“So I created this centaur cop character and I’m wondering if he should pump his arms WHILE he runs to catch the perp. Any ideas?”

24. When you wish you were better at writing TO yourself:

Twitter: @KelseyNMcIntyre

It's like the old saying goes... "When you come to a fork in the road, DANGER."

25. When you come up with your best ideas while pooping:

Twitter: @LornaContent

Don't lie to me; you know it's true.

26. When you wonder whether this technically counts as socializing:

Twitter: @ms_amERICA_

I mean, people are involved. So what if they’re all in your head?

27. When you've killed your darlings and also their entire world:

28. When it becomes all too evident that pets make THE WORST assistants:

Twitter: @Scarberryfields

You’re fired, small white cat.

29. When writing takes up your entire life and editing takes up your whole house:

When your dining room becomes your editing room: #amwriting #amrevising #writerproblems

30. When even the teeniest bit of writing has to be taken seriously:

31. When that's enough already:

Twitter: @YvetteKateWille

Enough procrastinating here. Go write.