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    15 Moments That Prove Getting Dumped Makes You Stronger

    These aren't tears; it's pizza grease.

    1. When "our song" comes on Pandora....

    Fox / Via

    And you don't shed a single tear. Switch it up to "your song" and dance it out.

    2. When you're watching Netflix all by yourself...

    Bravo / Via

    And realize you're actually having a great time.

    3. When you find your ex's sweatshirt at your place...

    Warner Bros. / Via

    And place it in a donation pile.

    4. When you can watch a romantic movie...

    ABC / Via

    And not insert you and your ex into every scene. "I'll never let go, (McRib)."

    5. When you see someone who kind of sort of looks like your ex...

    Fox Searchlight Pictures / Via

    And you limit yourself to a double-take and not a full-on stare. While weeping. And biting into a Twinkie. You got this.

    6. When an invitation says you can bring a plus one...

    Columbia / Via

    And you realize it's the perfect opportunity to bring your best friend. (A flask of bourbon.) (But, yes, also your ride or die.)

    7. When you see your ex pop up on your Facebook timeline...

    Giphy / Via

    And allow yourself exactly sixty seconds to see whether they're tagged in any pictures with new hot people. And then you unfollow. Because what's done is done.

    8. When you remember an inside joke you and your ex had together... / Via

    And smile, because it's a nice memory.

    9. When you're crying in the shower...

    Fox / Via

    Because you're laughing so hard at the episode of Broad City you just watched. (What, like EVERYTHING in your life has to do with your ex?)

    10. When everyone around you seems to be in a relationship...

    AMC / Via

    And you think it's cute. And kind of gross. Actually, really gross. You're only human.

    11. When you order a pizza for one...

    Columbia Pictures / Via

    And celebrate that you no longer have to devote half your pizza to anchovies and pineapple. What kind of monster was your ex anyway?

    12. When you make eye contact with a hot person...

    Warner Bros. / Via

    And can fully enjoy the moment. Until you realize you might have to go, like. Talk to that person.

    13. When you discover that your pillowcase smells like your ex's hair...

    Universal Studios / Via

    And the first thing that pops into your mind is "I'm running low on shampoo." Sure, that thought is followed shortly by "and I want to die," but come on. You just need time.

    14. When you look over to the empty side of your bed...

    NBC / Via

    And think about how many snacks could fit there. Snacks snacks snacks. So many emptiness-filling snacks.

    15. When you think about being dumped...

    Fox / Via

    And finally feel overwhelming relief.

    You're going to be a-ok.

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