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27 All-Girls School Confessions

*Pushes up sleeves, rolls up skirt, runs the world.

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1. OK, first off, we gotta tell you that we find a LOT of stereotypes about all-girls schools are wrong. And creepy.

I mean, really. Leave your fantasies out of the reality.

2. We don't stare at boys who visit because we're boy crazy. We stare because, like. WHY ARE THEY HERE? WHO ARE THEY VISITING AND WHY DIDN'T SHE TELL US ABOUT THIS. NEED DETAILS.

(But also, yes, some of us are definitely boy crazy.)

3. We'll take being told we do something "like a girl" as the ultimate compliment.

Because girls are awesome and limitless. Obviously.

4. We didn't realize how much focus we spent on celebrating famous women in history until after graduating.

How does anyone NOT know who Frida Kahlo was? And we've definitely heard the term "herstory" at some point in our education.

5. Oh, we DEFINITELY keep track of which famous women went to all-girls schools.

It's a sisterhood.

6. We don't mind being weird.

We're here to learn, not to impress randos.

7. We form an instant bond with other women who had to wear a white dress to graduation.

Guess we're celebrating our marriage to... college...?

8. Yes, we draw dicks, too.

It's especially fun to make the balls a pair of glasses, I'M JUST SAYING.

9. Also we definitely made (too?) many ball jokes.

What? They're hilarious for everyone.

10. And while we're aware that teeny kids in uniforms look ADORABLE...

So teeny! So cute!

11. ... We DON'T miss wearing a uniform.

*Burns pleated skirt*

12. Although honestly, it's not like most of us were really ever in proper uniform anyway.

*Scans hall for teachers, quickly rolls skirt*

13. Because, yeah, pretty much all of us rolled our skirts up shorter.

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(And ONE OF US, NOT SAYING WHO definitely had her hem cut ONSTAGE in seventh grade in front of everyone.)

14. And we still feel like we're rebelling every time we wear a skirt more than two inches above our knees.

Somewhere, a nun is cringing and she's not sure why.

15. And we have certainly developed an interesting take on fashion in general.

16. No two girls will agree on what "acting like a lady" means.

*burps, ~like a lady~*

17. Honestly, meeting guys wasn't THAT difficult, if that's what you're into. There were always dances!

It's a great place to not talk to people because you're leaning against the gym wall the entire time.

18. And we managed to break rules at dances, too.

I spent ALL YEAR perfecting these grinding moves in front of a mirror to NOT use them now? COME ON.

19. Girls like Ja'mie definitely do exist.


Thankfully, they're not the norm and usually grow out of it.

20. Not caring about how you're wearing your hair to school? Yeah, it feels great.

No one cares, tbh.

21. ... Because THIS was always our go-to hairstyle.

Usually with a pen (or six) stuck somewhere.

22. Dressing as guys for school plays was always pretty fun.

Is a fake mustache involved? Count us in.

23. We tended to be reeeeaaaaaally open with one another.

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What's TMI?

24. Our school traditions are too weird to even try to explain to you.

Just know that costumes and snacks are usually involved.

25. Roughly 89.3% of all school activities involved cupcakes.

Don't ask me why. That's just the law.

26. The friendships make any and all crap we go through entirely worth it.

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27. Oh, as did learning all the secrets to running the world.

Beyonce VEVO

No big deal.

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