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    Marilyn Manson's "Tainted Love" Video Is The Most 2001 Thing Ever

    The ultimate TBT.

    In the spirit of TBT, it is VITAL that we discuss the video for Marilyn Manson's cover of "Tainted Love."

    We start off with a bang as some pretty sick font informs us that this is "Not Another High School Party."

    ...Because this isn't just another retro cover! It's a retro cover from the soundtrack to 2001's Not Another Teen Movie.

    We soon see Marilyn "Ain't No Party Like Not Another High School Party" Manson dressed like this:

    He is a self-described "goth thug."

    He chivalrously escorts this underage girl into the party:

    But soon: DRAMA. Head cheerleader Jaime Pressly is clearly not about this "goth thug" life.

    And, honestly, can you blame her? Just look at him pushing hot jock Chris Evans.

    Our heroine, Chyler Leigh as Janey Briggs, clearly has a thing for Marilyn.

    Of course, no early 2000s music video is complete without a shiny jacket and hot dance moves.

    And you can't have a Not Another High School party without former Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison.

    Janey knows the only way to hang with the cool kids is to transform herself into a goth princess as Marilyn Manson looks on.

    Now Jaime Pressly is kinda jealous.

    Now we can party!

    Also, let's just pause a sec and enjoy this exchange:

    I wonder what's going on back there...


    But how is our resident Britney doing?

    The lesson in all this?

    Live every day like you're crashing a high school party in 2001.

    Consequences be damned.


    View this video on YouTube / Via Fuse

    Also please note that this is the censored version, because I don't know your life.