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16 Reasons Why People Who Are Late Are Actually Right

Late and great.

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3. THEREFORE, in many cases you are actually doing the more polite thing.


If the host or hostess is not even finished setting up and getting ready, you showing up on time (aka EARLY) would be highly annoying.

4. And if a party runs out of beer or snacks, you can easily pick some up your way (and then get first dibs).


Since I brought the beers that saved the entire party, I'm technically a hero. Hold your applause, please.


5. Being late lets you receive a warning in time to avoid a cringe-inducing situation.


If your friends truly love you, they will text you to let you know your ex just vomited in the hummus and that maybe you should just skip the party instead of showing up.


10. You never get stuck eating three baskets' worth of bread before dinner because you're bored.


How am I supposed to eat my entire pizza and this bottle of wine if I filled up on bread before? ANSWER ME.


14. And being five minutes late to a presentation has literally never been an issue because it takes at least that long for someone to figure out why PowerPoint won't work.

16. If you're the last to show up, you're never going to be The First One To Awkardly Leave.


Otherwise known as That Guy/Girl. I could write an epic novel on why leaving early is ACTUALLY more rude than arriving late, but. Some other time, maybe.