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    Dec 22, 2014

    Proof That Fruitcake Is The Unsung Hero Of Christmas Treats

    Do your thing, f-cakez.

    Recently, we sang the praises of a true underdog.

    Alex Alvarez/BuzzFeed / Via Getty Images

    That's right: Fruitcake.

    Alex Alvarez/BuzzFeed / Via Instagram

    A delicious treat, unfairly maligned.

    We asked you what you thought about fruitcake, and the results were surprising.

    SHOCKING, even.

    While 19% of you don't really love fruitcake at all...


    ...nearly a quarter of you actually quite like the little cake that could:


    (And 6% of you think it's OK except for the Technicolor candied cherries.)


    But the true surprise? Over half of you have NEVER EVEN TRIED IT.


    So go on and give it a try!

    Alex Alvarez/BuzzFeed / Via Blingee

    And save me a slice. (I can just pick the cherries out myself.)

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