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13 Things Creepy People Secretly Love

Creepin' it real.

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1. Creepin' on your Instagram pics from sixty-seven weeks ago and not accidentally liking a single one.

Your hair looks so much better now, btw.

2. Reading someone's book or iPad over their shoulder without them noticing.

GREAT story.

3. Being able to see someone else's computer screen at work without them noticing.


I see that we both got the same result on that BuzzFeed quiz. Interesting.

4. Walking at night and glancing into people's living rooms.

American International Pictures (AIP)

Omg I have that lamp.

5. Wearing sunglasses and being able to stare without anyone seeing.

6. Getting away with sniffing someone's hair.

7. Getting away with sniffing your own hair.

ABC Family

Smells like I need to wash my hair.

8. When you see a cute stranger tagged in a friend's Facebook album and discover their page is public.

Hell yes to five hours of this.

9. Being able to overhear a scandalous conversation uninterrupted.


Omg and THEN what did HE say?!

10. Whenever society normalizes your creepy behavior, like keeping an ex's shirt.

Like, this IS actually creepy. But everyone accepts it!

11. Using a friend's bathroom and checking out their products.

I see that you use the expensive kind of toilet paper, very nice. Ooo, and coconut body wash! Someone's fancy.

12. Admitting to liking something creepy, immediately regretting it, and then realizing everyone actually assumed you were joking.


HAHAHAHA yeah I totally don't know EVERYTHING about famous serial killers, hahahaha!

13. Admitting to doing something creepy and having someone say, "I do that too!"

Columbia Pictures

We're not alone!

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