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21 Times The Growing Up Pale Hashtag Was Too Real

"Why don't you just get some sun?"

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1. Sometimes you just don't want to invest time in slathering SPF 892 on every inch of your body.

#GrowingUpPale not going outside because i was too lazy to put sunscreen on

2. You do try not to be jealous of your shimmering bronze friends, but...

#GrowingUpPale everyone's posting pics of their summer tans and I'm over here like

3. Your pale-osity can be... alarming to some.

"You look sick" "are you feeling ok?" "you look like you're about to pass out" ....uhh this is the tannest I've been in weeks #growinguppale

4. Even thinking about the sun results in a burn.

#GrowingUpPale looking outside and just ending up like


5. And being a pale Latina? Comes with its own set of issues.

#growinguppale #GrowingUpMexican being called güera by people that know you and gringa by people that don't

6. ...Seriously.

#growinguppale "you're not Puerto Rican"

7. People just loooove to bask in the glow of your shining white skin.

#growinguppale having people stand beside you to make themselves look more tan 😅

8. ...Sometimes it's enough to blind innocent bystanders.

#GrowingUpPale when the sun just bounces off you as though your some type of mirror because your too white 😁


9. Wearing shorts or a short skirt means looking like you have a GIANT mosquito bite after sitting.

#GrowingUpPale you always get that red spot on your legs when you sit with them crossed for too long

10. Wearing white is a cool way to do some low-key Casper cosplay.

#growinguppale not being able to wear a white shirt at any time of the year bc your skin literally blends in with it

11. But it's not like being super pale doesn't have its benefits...

#growinguppale in elementary school my classmates would ask if I was a vampire and I would say yes to scare them

12. You have often been compared to things like paper, powder, snow, Wite-Out, mayonnaise...

#growinguppale when people compare you to a sheet of paper


13. You know the challenge of finding makeup that doesn't make you look like you fell into a pile of Cheetos.

#Growinguppale when even the lightest foundation is 10 nuances too dark for you

14. You have to be vigilant when it comes to covering up. Missing one spot means a week of burnt earlobes or bright red pinky toes.

#GrowingUpPale When I go on vacation and burn the first day, I have to spend the rest of the week like

15. This image speaks to you on a deep, spiritual level.

16. "Why don't you just tan?" is a question best answered by running away, screaming.


17. Because, believe us: WE'VE TRIED.

"When I try to get tan but just burn #growinguppale" #SMACK

18. The seflie struggle is so real.

#GrowingUpPale u open your camera to take a selfie and it always looks like this

19. You find that so many tan people complain about being pale to you as you stand there, sparkling like a Twilight vampire.

When your tan friends talk about how pale they are #GrowingUpPale

20. And if you give in and try self-tanner? Ha. Prepare for streaks and blotches.

The struggle of using self- tanner... #growinguppale

21. For some reason, people LOVE to compare their skin tone to yours.

#GrowingUpPale "lemme see your arm"


But, hey. At least we can vent to each other, right?

The tag #Growinguppale is making me v happy because they understand my struggles😅

Those who glow together, grow together. Or something!