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Cristela Offers A Brutally Honest Look At Her Show's Cancellation

"I thought it was important to show my family because there had never been one like that on TV before."

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The post begins by reflecting on Cristela's mother, Natalia, and her dream of someday moving to McAllen, Texas.

Cristela fans will note that "Natalia" was, in an ode to her real mom, also the name of her mother on the show.


Above all, Cristela's post is honest. She shares the challenges of working on a show that's both inherently personal, yet for other people as well, as well as the expectations that come with "representing" a group of people.

She ends with a note of optimism, telling readers, "Trust me, Cristela the show might be doneā€¦but Cristela the person has just started."