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21 Christmas Gift Ideas For The Goth In Your Life

And all through the house, not a creature was stirring... except for a few pastel goths on Tumblr.

1. Chalkboard Skull - $28.00

Nashpop / Via

Everyone needs a chalkboard skull. Use it to write sweet nothing to your boo boo, jot down phone numbers, or announce the night's menu. Or just fill it with curse words. I don't know your life.

2. Edgar Allen Poe Tea Gift Set - $14.95

Owen Acres / Via

For the Poe fan and discerning tea drinker, a gift set that includes "Midnight Dreary" herbal tea blend, a muslin bag, and a pretty tea ball decorated with a raven charm.

3. Patricia Field Reversible Pentagram Bomber - $242.00

Patricia Field
Patricia Field

So elegant, so refined, Baphomet approves. Available in pink or black.

4. Memento Mori Teeth Ring - $165.00

Chase and Scout Design / Via

Made with "dead stock" (mwaha) porcelain teeth on a brass and sterling setting, this ring will get GUMS FLAPPING. I'm so sorry.

5. Van Goth Card - $4.02

Modesty Designs UK / Via

The great thing about giving cute stationery as a gift is that you are very likely to get it back someday. In this case, minus one (1) ear.

6. Ripper Moz Sweater - $64.99

Shredders / Via

Last Christmas, I gave you my heart, but the very next day Morrissey sort of listlessly tore through it from the inside out.

7. The Black Doll - $45.00

Gorey Store / Via

Edward Gorey fans will immediately recognize this armless, faceless, SOULLESS abomination. More of a collector's item than a plaything, you can still feel free to give it to the child of someone you dislike.

8. Wheel of Fortune Illustration - $24.00

retrowhale / Via

Remember that dream where your boyfriend, Edward Scissorhands, was on Wheel of Fortune alongside Pee-Wee Herman and Sloth from The Goonies? Now that dream can be your reality.

9. Ouija Board Bikini - $66.69

Threads of the Dead / Via

The perfect bikini to wear far, far, far away from the sun.

10. New Wave Tarot Cards - $15.00

Last Craft / Via

Please don't even try to tell me you don't want a set of tarot cards featuring Siouxsie Sioux, Robert Smith, and Morrissey because I will never believe you.

11. Vintage Horror Movie Posters - Prices vary

housepig / Via

Perfect gift for the person wondering why Mansion of Madness or The Abominable Dr. Phibes isn't on Netflix instant. (Bonus: This particular poster is only ten bucks!)

12. Custom Changing Portrait - Prices vary

Dark Imaginings offers custom changing portraits, transforming your cherished memories into horrifying and macabre images and thereby vastly improving them. Email the site for more info.

13. Miskatonic University Sweatshirt - $18.00+

Manic Impressive / Via

A subtle way of declaring your dark, writhing love for the work of H.P. Lovecraft and Arkham, Massachusetts' creepiest institution of higher learning.

14. Lydia Deetz Cross-Stitch - $18.00

Cinema Stitches / Via

Honestly, all of this shop's samplers are to die for.

15. Knit Baphomet Doll - $200.00

Croshame / Via

Please also take a look at the knit Exorcist doll, the Carrie bear and whatever is happening here.

16. The Craft Tattoo Print - $16.06

Her Mother's Eyes / Via

Be inspired to wear your love for Manon on your sleeve.

17. Drippy Pastel Choker - $16.00

Von Erickson / Via

And don't forget Pastel Goths, who feed on negative energy and bleed candy.

18. Creep It Real Ring - $10.00

Idle Hand Shop / Via

A gentle reminder to always keep it creepy.

19. Saint Beetlejuice Candle - $6.99

Greaser Creatures / Via

I feel extreme Catholic guilt for even looking at this, but. Man. I hope my Abuelita forgives me for buying 72 of these right now.

20. Raven Nail Decals - $4.99

North of Salem / Via

The perfect stocking stuffer for the Poe fan who has everything. Except raven nail decals.

21. DIY Victorian-Inspired Hair Jewelry - Cost of supplies


Everyone knows the finest gifts come from the heart, and plucked straight from the head. Rookie magazine has a wonderful tutorial for making your own hair jewelry inspired by spooky, well-accessorized, constantly mourning Victorians.