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    Jan 30, 2015

    19 Times Cenobites Perfectly Described Your Night Out

    Who knew going out was JUST like being trapped in Hellraiser? Time to raise Hell, bbs.

    1. When you and the squad looking cute af.

    New World Pictures

    Instagram moment.

    2. When you enter the club and everyone else is jealous and pressed.

    New World Pictures

    Permission to live, please.

    3. When you realize it's way too dark to see anything in this club.

    New World Pictures / Via

    Thought I'd look cool with these sunglasses but I guess not.

    4. When the DJ plays your song.

    New World Pictures


    5. When you want to dance but also don't want to put your drink down.

    New World Pictures

    I paid $24 for this lemon drop and I don't want it to go to waste.

    6. When the bass drops.

    New World Pictures


    7. When the club has no place to sit.

    New World Pictures

    What are we supposed to do now.

    8. When you wonder if your makeup is going to make it through the night.

    New World Pictures

    Don't fail me now, "waterproof" eyeliner.

    9. When your drunk friend texts their terrible ex.

    New World Pictures

    Honestly thought you were stronger than this, Cheryl.

    10. When everyone is taking pictures and you just want to DANCE.

    New World Pictures

    Stop tagging me.

    11. When someone wearing flat shoes says their feet are in pain.

    New World Pictures

    Try stumbling to the music wearing STILETTOS. YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT PAIN IS.

    12. When you spy someone hot...

    New World Pictures


    13. ...and get so thirsty you can't even speak.

    New World Pictures


    14. ...and go straight into THOT mode.

    New World Pictures

    Calm down please.

    15. When the line for the bathroom finally clears up and you open that stall door.

    New World Pictures

    I've had six apple martinis.

    16. When you just want to be home but your Uber driver won't stop making small talk.

    New World Pictures

    Please stop.

    17. The moment you realize you are actually VERY DRUNK.

    New World Pictures

    Oh no wonder everyone is so funny.

    18. When it's 3 a.m. and you want pizza but everything is closed.

    New World Pictures

    Should've planned ahead.

    19. When you get home and can finally remove your shoes and bra.

    New World Pictures

    Done. Wake me up when Hell freezes over.

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