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29 Ways To Tell You're Definitely Cuban


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1. You can't drink just any coffee.

If I wanted water, I'd have asked for it.

2. Everyone in your life has a nickname.

...Or 12.
Alex Alvarez / BuzzFeed

...Or 12.

3. You're pretty sure that, in Heaven, they serve pastelitos.

...Y papa rellena.

4. You keep a secret tally of which public figures are Cuban.

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Like Queen Gina Torres and poet Richard Blanco.


5. You know there's nothing so beautiful as a perfectly-timed expletive.

Literal art.

6. You know you're special.

Rules just don't apply!

7. People feel the need to tell you all about their plans to visit Cuba.

Columbia Pictures

Good for you, man.

8. You know that this is what elegance looks like.

Guayaberas are classic.


9. You've likely mastered the art of "dramatic apathy."

We contain multitudes.

10. You get pretty nervous when people stare at you too long.


11. THIS has happened to you.


12. Consonants are suggestions.

They just slow a sentence down!


13. No matter where you are or what you're doing, you'll find a fellow Cuban.


Cuban-dar is real and it is powerful.

14. This is the ideal dessert, snack, or breakfast.

Guayaba y queso... what more do you need!

15. You point with your chin...


El tiki tiki e'tá por allá. *points with face*

16. ...And do everything else with a wave of your hand.


You know we're happy, mad, excited, or even just around when everything gets knocked off a table while we're talking.


17. You've definitely been told "You don't look Cuban!"

It literally does not matter what you look like. Black, white, or of Chinese descent, someone will inform you that you don't look the part.

18. And you've definitely taken credit for an invention.

"You know, the telephone was invented in Cuba. And so was baseball and the very concept of dancing."

"You know, the telephone was invented in Cuba. And so was baseball and the very concept of dancing."

19. Your childhood smelled like violets.

Y talco también.

20. This was always in your home, although it PROBABLY contained dry rice.


21. ...Likewise, you know this likely contained sewing equipment.

Did anyone actually get to EAT these cookies?!
Dina Viveros /

Did anyone actually get to EAT these cookies?!

22. You never know whether to kiss hello or shake hands.



23. You have an entire army of spiritual help.

Doesn't even matter what your religious beliefs are -- you'll call on anyone who might be listening.

24. This is what you ask when you want to know what's up.

25. For you, Sensguibin leftovers = An Elena Ruth.

Or Elena Ruz, if you prefer.

26. You grew up with Pepito jokes.

And you know how nasty that little dude can be.

27. You know to eat this within the day because it'll turn into a rock tomorrow.

Don't forget to add a POUND of butter.

28. You've often wondered why there isn't a croqueta emoji.

We've wondered about that, too.
Will Varner / BuzzFeed

We've wondered about that, too.

29. You'd never dream of being anything else.

🌴 🌊 ☕️