15 Problems All Unphotogenic People Know To Be True

*slowly backs out of frame*

1. You have to be extra wary of that one friend who loves to Instagram everything.

Lifetime / Via xclusivetouch.co.uk

#100HappyDays of me avoiding you at every social function.

2. You’ve practiced smiling in mirrors.

Alex Alvarez/BuzzFeed, via Pintast.com / Via d2tq98mqfjyz2l.cloudfront.net

But it doesn’t work because you’re always Beyoncé in the mirror and a blobfish on camera.

3. You find yourself asking people if you “really look like that.”

Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation / Via Alex Alvarez/BuzzFeed, using woofmaker.com

Because I could’ve sworn that most of my features are roughly in the places they’re supposed to be.

4. You don’t have a “good side.”

20th Century Fox / Via tumblr.com

In photos, you gottta face like a trapezoid of WTF.

5. You’re tired of getting asked “Why are you making that face?”


Alex Alvarez/BuzzFeed


Because I was caught mid-Animorphing into a cuttlefish, boo, I DO NOT KNOW.

6. You’re pretty much a selfie scientist.

I’m just curating* my own image.


7. You’re really good at obscuring your face when a camera or phone pops up.

SBS / Via tumblr.com

Step one: Fill a red cup with booze of choice. Step two: Hold cup in front of face whenever you see someone ready to Hyperlapse your nightmares.

8. When someone does corner you for a picture, you get so in your own head about posing that you forget what’s normal.

I sort of just… bare my teeth and flare my nostrils, right? People do that?

9. Group pictures = finding the tallest person in the room and hunching behind him or her.


10. Filters are your friends.

Fox / Via s15.postimg.org

They can transform you from a question mark to a blurry, blown-out question mark from the ’70s.

11. You know that picture day is proof of Satan.

NBC / Via tumblr.com

Why do you have to know what I look like though.

12. You dread seeing a notification that someone has tagged you in a picture.

Let’s see what fresh hell this particular photo set brings.

13. …And you’ve actually reconsidered friendships with people who tag pictures of you looking like a potato with hair.

Fox / Via wordpress.com

Did I hurt you in some way? Did I insult your grandmother? Did I kill your childhood pet? Why are you doing this to me?

14. You’re constantly mysitifed by how you look in photos because you swear you’re pretty cute in real life.

Comedy Central / Via tumblr.com

I mean. Right?

15. People think you’re being vain or insecure…

Channel 4 / Via wordpress.com

…until they see your photos.

On the plus side, you spend more time living moments and less time posing for them.

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