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21 Times Vine Star Lele Pons Totally Nailed Life's Awkward Moments


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1. When she totally got what it's like to be in a relationship: the fantastic world of your own imagination!

2. When she embodied how much game you have when flirting:


3. When she demonstrated the best way to play off this too-common moment of awkwardness:

Nailed it.

4. When she reflected how chill we all can be in a relationship:

😅 ... 💅


5. When she was just as graceful as you are:


*somehow manages to set self on fire*

6. When she understood what it's like to be THAT person:


7. When she understood the special bond between a parent and a child:

The answer to "can I live" is "I GAVE YOU LIFE ONCE; DON'T MAKE ME TAKE IT AWAY."

8. When she showed how it's clearly impossible to mess up taking a photo:

Every. Time.


9. When she showed what real love looks like:

It looks like food. Because food is love. And love is food.

10. When she, like you, was totally cool in front of a crush:


11. When her mornings were like yours and Cinderella's, with little birds gently singing her awake:

OK, maybe not.

12. When she knew what it was like to care about your stuff:

Touch it and die.


13. When she knew everyone's social life was just how it appears online:

#party #iswear

14. When she understood true friendship:

The truth usually hurts.

15. When she spoke the truth about growing up Latino:

Basically, yes.

16. When she knew that talking to someone you like is totally easy:

The most natural thing in the world!


17. When she just got how chill and laid-back certain songs make us feel:


18. When she handled breakups with grace and maturity — just like all of us:


19. When she demonstrated that winning isn't everything:


20. When she described your entire childhood in six seconds:

Face it: If you weren't this kid, one of your cousins definitely was. And there's video evidence of it somewhere, played every time the family gets together.

21. And, finally, when she revealed that her parents were equally cool and graceful:

And so the cycle continues...