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    9 Things To Watch Out For In The New Celia Cruz Novela

    Celia is set to air on Telemundo.

    A novela based on the life of iconic salsa singer Celia Cruz is coming to Telemundo and, judging from previews out so far, it's going to make us cry.


    A lot. Also, sing.

    Have a look:

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    So, here are the big takeaways so far:

    1. We'll get to see that following her dream wasn't easy:


    But she was a fighter.

    2. In fact, we'll get to know a lot about pre-fame Celia.


    And her signature specs.

    3. We'll be served some GRADE-A DRAMA.


    This is a novela, after all.

    4. The novela won't shy away from the racist and sexist crap Celia faced on her way to becoming a star.


    Look at this prick.

    5. This novela is definitely going to make us cry.


    When Celia and her orchestra were forbidden from re-entering Cuba, the impact was devastating.

    6. In fact, we'll also see a lot about what was happening in Cuba at the time Celia was rising to fame.


    The context matters.

    7. We'll get to learn about her romance with her manager and fellow musician Pedro Knight.


    Seriously, just look at them.

    8. We'll get to see A LOT OF LOOKS!



    9. And, very importantly: The novela WILL feature her iconic wigs.


    Could've used MORE wigs, honestly.



    Celia is set to air this fall on Telemundo.

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