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17 Reactions Unathletic People Have Definitely Seen

From getting pummeled with dodgeballs as a kid to...getting pummeled with dodgeballs ironically as an adult.

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1. The face your gym teacher made when announcing it'll be a "fun" dodgeball day.


What manner of evil-ass nonsense is this?

2. The face you made when people picked teams in gym and you were left last.


You picked a piece of notebook paper with a smiley face drawn on it before me? Hurtful.

3. Your face whenever field day came along at school.

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Make it stop.

4. Your parents' faces each time they tried signing you up for an after-school sport.


"How did you turn out like this?"

5. Your friend's face after trying to get you to run across the street before the light changes.

Comedy Central

I don't run unless being chased. It's just not natural.

6. After playing fetch with your pet.

Rihanna Vevo

That was too much.

7. After trying to use your gym membership riiight before it runs out.

Getting one year's worth of workouts into one day was probably a bad idea.

8. The face your friends make when inviting you "on a run."


I get it. You're glowing. You've never felt better. I'm going to take a nap.

9. Your face after two and a half minutes of dancing at a friend's party.

WWE / Via SBNation

10. When you're browsing through people's endless gym selfies while you eat pizza.

Yeah, I lift, too. LIFT PIZZA INTO MY MOUTH. Haha. Ahem.

11. The moment your co-workers realize it was a mistake to make you sign up for the office intramural league.



12. Your face when you realize you own several pairs of yoga pants and have never once used them for yoga.


In my defense, they make my unathletic butt look terrific.

13. When your Tinder date realizes even bowling was a bad date idea.

Universal Pictures

Oh, so you're NOT supposed to throw the ball overhand? My bad.

14. Strangers' faces when they look at the thing you do when you THINK you're running.


"Why is that person flailing uncontrollably? Should someone call an ambulance?

15. The day after you attempt to work out.


I don't think I'm gonna make it.

16. Your face when you realize you've spent more time putting together a workout playlist than ever doing sports.


Music is a sport, maybe.

17. Your face whenever someone suggests a casual game of touch football on the weekend.


Those aren't the balls I want to touch.

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