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    16 Fairly Filthy Thanksgiving Pick-Up Lines

    For the hot rando at your Friendsgiving table.

    1. "The turkey isn't the only thing on this table that needs basting."

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    Note: This works best if you're lying across the dinner table.

    2. "Let's make like the pilgrims and faceplant on something rock-hard."

    3. "Like Thanksgiving, I come multiple times a year across various countries."

    4. "You make my turkey timer pop."

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    5. "Let's make like mac 'n cheese and melt together."

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    6. "Let's go make my Plymouth rock."

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    7. "The best part of Thanksgiving is the stuffing." [Exaggerated wink]

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    8. "My [*****] put his ass to sleep, now he calling me tryptophan."


    9. "Yes, you can butter my biscuit."

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    10. "Gosh, I dunno if I can fit this drumstick onto my plate."

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    11. "You're sweeter than a hot marshmallow on a candied yam."

    12. "Baby, you're like a turkey dinner: I'll eat you with (cranberry) relish."

    13. "They say tying the legs together keeps everything moist."

    14. "Hey, bb, I heard you got a wishbone for me."

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    15. "Better save room for dessert, because the best flavor of pie is me."

    16. And, of course, this piece of cinematic brilliance, courtesy of Gigli:

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