27 Times Jack White Looked Ridiculously Good

    Let's all hear it for the seventh son.

    1. When he was all "what" and you were all "yes."

    2. When he casually waved at mortals from a fancy old car.

    3. When he channeled "Robert Smith for Gap" and it worked damn well.

    4. That time he was a gothabilly preacher and you died.

    5. Let's get another look at that haircut:

    6. When he looked like if Johnny Depp was kidnapped by an old-timey circus and you were into it.

    7. When he wore a blue hat and you were like "I forgive that blue hat."

    8. When you asked if broccoli is an acceptable pizza topping and he was just like "meh."

    9. When this.

    10. When he was like "I forgot what I was going to say" and you were like "that's OK, Jack White."

    11. When he got you pregnant just by pointing at you.

    12. When he winked and you flew to heaven and noticed the decor was red and white and on point.

    13. Any time he and Meg did anything at all.

    14. When he ambled up to a mic and you were like "way to amble."

    15. When he talked to himself at night, because he couldn't forget.

    16. When he crooned wearing a sparkly jacket.

    17. That time he and Alison Mosshart got into a spot of trouble.

    18. When he forgot whether or not he'd logged out of Facebook.

    19. When he explained baseball to a child and that child was lucky.

    20. When his hair was big and filled with secrets and poems about dusty roads.

    21. That time he was Elvis.

    22. When he made this face and you were here for it.

    23. When teacher must've been out of her damn mind.

    24. When he pretended not to know someone would definitely make a gif list about him.

    25. When got a little '80s with it.

    26. When you were going to make a Stairway to Heaven joke and then thought better of it.

    And, finally...

    27. When he loved you.