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19 Confessions Of People Who Love Fast Food

Fries before guys. And also girls and also most things, tbh.

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1. Look, we are well aware that it's not healthy.

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That's kind of what makes it delicious.

2. And, yes, we KNOW that fast food places do have their share of healthier offerings. Which we will never order.

NBC / Via

Like salads and grilled chicken dishes... and nachos without extra sour cream, which is also practically a salad.

3. Sometimes you just want consistency in your dining choices.


A Big Mac is going to taste the same pretty much all over the globe. It's one thing you can depend on in this big, cruel world.

4. We think it's kindaaaa rude to make fun of people's dietary choices.

Fox / Via

Like, can you at least wait until I finish eating this burrito to make gross remarks about it?

5. We're all for trying ~authentic~ dishes, but we admit it's unreasonably fun to try familiar fast food chains in other parts of the world.

McDonald's / Via

6. We secretly know that the BEST PART of a road trip is visiting regional fast food places you don't have at home.

In-N-Out, Hardee's, Carl's Jr, Krystal, White Castle...

7. And you can't help but feel protective and proud of the fast food restaurants you grew up with.

I'll take 42 TropiChops, if you please.
lubright / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: jetbody

I'll take 42 TropiChops, if you please.

8. Certain activities REQUIRE the consumption of dozens of White Castle or Krystal burgers.

New Line Cinema / Warner Bros. / Via

It's just science.

9. Honestly, we're busy. And tired. Always. So fast food is convenient.

Disney Channel / Via

Just place a crispy chicken sandwich in my face, please.

10. There is absolutely no shame in ordering the kids' menu if the toy is cool.

Burger King / Via

Plus, the portions are smaller, if you're about that life.

11. Having a pantry stocked with ketchup packets and plastic sporks isn't embarrassing; it's genius.


Need a *tiny* bit of ketchup? Here are five thousand packets.

12. We can and will put horsey sauce on EVERYTHING.

Put it on roast beef. Put it on chicken. Put it on a pizza. Put it on a baby.
Callie Holt / Via

Put it on roast beef. Put it on chicken. Put it on a pizza. Put it on a baby.

13. Yeah, we might have seasonal fast food items written down on our calendars.

McDonald's / Via


14. Everytime you have homemade fries, you get REALLY sad and wish they were McDonald's.

New Line Cinema / Via

Those "make these popular foods at home" lists NEVER account for the fact that McDonald's fries CAN NEVER BE REPLICATED.

15. We will admit, however, that fountain soda NEVER tastes as good as can or bottle soda.

MTV / Via

The syrup to seltzer ratio is ALWAYS OFF.

16. There's something oddly alluring about not being able to get fast food breakfast after 10:30 or so.

Burger King / Via

It's a treat. A special, hard-to-get treat.

17. Look, SOMETIMES you get really hungry at 2 a.m. and NEED Taco Bell to help save you.

Paramount / Via

What else are you going to do at 2 a.m.? Not eat? Don't be absurd.

18. There's something really nice about being able to eat out without having to use up half your paycheck.

AMC / Via

Sorry we're not all MILLIONAIRES.

19. Fine, we'll share some with you.

NBC / Via

But only this once.

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