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    14 Reasons You Should Be Eating Maria Cookies Right Now

    Forged in heaven by baby angels, these little cookies are popular all over the world. It's time for them to get the accolades they so richly deserve.

    What is a Maria cookie, you ask?


    These sweet little wheels of goodness were first baked in London in 1874 as an homage to the Grand Duchess Maria Alexandrovna of Russia when she wed the Duke of Edinburgh. Whether you call them biscuits to hono(u)r their place of birth, or refer to them as cookies, crackers, or galletas, they stand as one of history's cutest wedding gifts.

    Take a closer look. CLOSER.

    David Dennis/Creative Commons / Via Flickr: davidden

    Did you gasp at its beauty? It says "galleta" because this cookie speaks multiple languages. Are you impressed?

    1. This cookie is an international superstar.

    hercios/Creative Commons / Via Flickr: hercios

    Many countries enjoy Maria cookies, although they're often made by different manufacturers and are sometimes given slightly different names. A Maria cookie wears many outfits, but it is always true to itself. And to you.

    2. Maria cookies can do anything.

    Antonio Zugaldia/Creative Commons / Via Flickr: azugaldia

    A snack. A dessert. A breakfast food. An ingredient. Maria cookies are versatile. They're crisp and sweet, with a slight vanilla flavor, but not too sweet. Like, they're not going to be creepy about it. They're always there for you. They'll never let you down. They will adopt you and take you to every Disney theme park across the globe.

    3. You can enjoy them in ice cream.


    Like, just crumble them in there and mix things up. Or, if you want to get fancy with it, try the Abuela Maria ice cream from Miami's Azucar Ice Cream Factory, which combines vanilla ice cream, Maria cookies, guava, and cream cheese. And your tears of happiness.

    4. Maria cookies are guava's best friend.


    Take a note from that aforementioned ice cream and nestle a slab of guava paste and a healthy helping of cream cheese between two Maria cookies. A classic combination. And it counts as dinner if you have like six of them and don't tell anyone.

    5. You can make next-level desserts with Maria cookies.

    SaborIntenso / Via

    Or maybe you want to use cookies to make a chocolate salami. You can do that. In fact, you should do that. Follow this recipe. And here's another good recipe, in Portuguese.

    6. Cakes are better with Maria cookies.

    Dora / Via

    Limes also take center stage in this Maria-centric icebox cake, called a carlota de limón, which looks beautiful garnished with fresh strawberries.

    7. They make graham crackers jealous.

    8. They will step your paleta game up about 178% Perelman / Via

    ...Or maybe key lime pie paletas with a Maria cookie "crust" is more your speed? It is. It's everyone's speed. Make them at home using this recipe, and remember 1) to use fresh lime juice, not that bottled stuff, and 2) not to drink all the condensed milk before you get around to making the paletas.

    9. You can turn them into pie crust and load 'em with bananas.

    Reeni / Via

    Now, picture fresh bananas enrobed in freshly whipped cream and sweet toffee, all on a bed of Maria cookies. Welcome to the banofee pie.

    10. Nutella was invented for Maria cookies. Probably.


    Of course, you can always make a Maria pizza by spreading a thick layer of Nutella on your cookie. Or top your Maria cookie cake with more Maria cookies. And more Nutella. You can do it. I believe in you.

    11. Peanut butter gets lonely without Maria cookies.

    Seriously, just look at all the sweet, gooey peanut butter in between those two perfect discs of golden cookie goodness.

    12. They give you options. Chocolatey options.

    13. They're perfect.

    The best way to eat them? Plain, straight from the wrapper, with some café con leche.

    14. They look great in hats and sunglasses.

    Original Image by Domiriel/Creative Commons / Via Flickr: domiriel

    Love you forever, Maria cookies.