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    21 Times Taco Bell Was Your Sexual Orientation

    Saved by the Bell.

    1. Whenever you made Taco Bell fan art.

    2. When you found yourself rapidly falling head over heels.

    3. When the very thought of a Nacho Cheese Gordita was hypnotizing.

    Taco Bell

    4. Whenever you saw a tray full of tacos and couldn't even contain your LUST.

    NMA TV

    5. When you found yourself sneaking tacos at every opportunity.


    6. When you loudly professed your feelings for Taco Bell chalupas.

    7. When you found yourself really into its retro look.

    Taco Bell
    Taco Bell

    8. When Taco Bell's beautiful and delicious menu items really meshed with your lifestyle.

    9. When all of your dreams were of Taco Bell. (And space cats.)

    10. When simply walking into a Taco Bell made you feel ALIVE.

    11. When you felt like their sauces really spoke to you.

    12. When you couldn't control yourself when a Taco Bell burrito was present.

    13. When you created beautiful pastel goth art to show your love for the Bell.

    14. When Taco Bell brought you closer to other people, too.

    Columbia Pictures / MGM

    15. When you wished you could kiss their frozen drink treats.

    16. When thoughts of delicious snacks floated through your mind morning, noon, and night.

    17. When you craved their bean burritos with the perfect amount of spicy sauce.

    Cartoon Network
    Taco Bell

    18. When you realized you'd swipe right on a Mexican pizza every time.

    19. When you hear about a new item and RUSHED to try it.

    Paramount Pictures

    20. When you ate Taco Bell for dinner and thought about what you'd get to get for "Fourthmeal."

    Taco Bell

    21. ... And when you're having Fourthmeal and already thinking about having Taco Bell for breakfast.


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