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    25 People Who Really Shouldn't Have

    Never leave your bed, tbh.

    1. This woman, who triangles you so much.

    2. This graceful dancer.

    3. This cheerleader, who should know not to approach a hungry dog.

    4. This man, who knows strength comes from within.

    5. These young men with an itch to scratch.

    6. This soaring siren.

    7. Everyone involved in this handshake that never was.

    8. This Miley wannabe.

    9. This photobomber.

    10. This dancing man.


    11. This fiery birthday girl.

    12. This sworn enemy of gravity.

    13. This panda victim.

    14. These former friends.

    15. This gentleman and scholar.

    16. Whoever drove this fateful truck.

    17. The person who thought this kid could use some air.

    18. This man, whose dance attracts small and violent child bikers.

    19. This girl, who is lost forever.

    20. This too-trusting blonde woman.


    21. Everyone involved in every single part of this.


    22. The person in charge of spelinng.


    23. This majestic swan.

    Senor Gif

    24. The baby-hater responsible for this.

    25. And Stephen Merchant that time he missed out on touching Joseph Gordon-Levitt's hand.